The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maid woes - part 2

I just scolded the maid again this afternoon cos I caught her pouring my ebm into the pot to heat up with the blended avocado. Already told her so many times that ebm must be heated up separately in bottle warmer and not more than 40 deg. And she tried to boil my ebm !?! Wth! When I confronted, she still argue and keep saying she add a bit only. Told her a bit also cannot, what does the ebm come from? I got to squeeze it out drop by drop leh. U think it is tap water, just open the tap got ebm flowing out? Refuse to say sorry until I tell her to do it. Even then, she refuse to look at me when she mumbled her sorry. How not to scold like that?

I am so pek chek that in the end I pass her a holy bible and ask her to talk to Jesus Christ and reflect whether what she did (never concentrate on her work, keep making the same mistakes again and again, refuse to admit mistake, argue, refuse to say sorry) is right since she is a catholic. No offence to the christians and catholics but i really dun know what else to do with her to wake up her idea, I am sure her God will do a much better job to 'kai dao' her than me.

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