The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sleep chart - part 2

We started using the sleep chart for RaeAnne since 8 July, today is 25 July so it has been 17 days so far. It helps to establish a sleeping routine so that she knows what to expect and what she is expected to do (aka sleep on her own in her room after all the 'before sleeping tasks ie drink milk, brush teeth, read her a story, sing her a song, go to potty' have been completed).

There was an article on sleep training that I read on young parents. So I decided to incorporate the tips together with the sleep chart. I started out with sitting beside her cot bed then 1 day later, I started to sit closer to the door, then sat outside the room facing the door, then sat outside my own room. Of course, she protested in the beginning and keep insisting that I sleep on the toddler bed with her. Something which I started doing to get her to nap since late Feb this year. But in a way she had no choice cos if I told her if she doesn't want to let me sit where I choose and I will close her door and just leave her to sleep.

Well, the verdict is that all these helped. She is now able to sleep on her own bed in her own room. Although she still runs in and out of her room a few times before settling down, at least we don't need to squeeze ourselves on her tiny bed anymore and wait until she falls asleep. Still need to give her a cuddle and good night kiss but I'm ok with that. She's still our darling little gal after all and I want to let her know that she is loved especially at bedtime when we forgive all her naughtiness for the day. She still wakes up at night on most nights to pee or because she had a bad dream but usually putting her to potty and a hug/kiss works to let her go back to sleep. :)

Raelynn is able to climb off the bumbo chair and stand with its support. Looks quite cute when she does that. Machiam like model posing for photo beside the bumbo chair. But it also means that we can no longer use the bumbo chair to restrain her. :P

Arghh!!! I am falling sick, scratchy throat, phelgmy and sneezy. Hate to fall sick cos I always end up spreading the virus to the 2 gals. :(

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