The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

On education...

Got a place for raeanne at pcf prenursery since April but really not happy with their curriculum. The teacher said pre nursery don't do worksheets or any writing cos they are too young. And she is not keen to show me the children's work (they have individual arch files). I just know that they have different themes every term. Raeanne had been attending playgroup since 18 mths so I do have higher expectations about her academic progression.

Went to visit Elfa CC with hubby on Monday again. The teacher showed me their worksheets and I quite like it. Besides the usual artwork, they have worksheet of a tree with flowers, fruits, roots, leave etc. Their theme for July is Nature. Besides the english descriptions, they also have it in Chinese. I even saw the K1 chinese teacher teaching the kids about Earth, moon and the sun and how the Earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the Earth.

So I prefer to put her at cc, at least half a day cos they got more worksheets n they teach Chinese whereas PCF, she will only be there for 2 hours everyday (830am - 1030am). Timing is not here not there so I can't even find ad hoc or part time job. Besides no worksheets, they don't start mandarin lessons until 4 years old (only when she enters Nursery). I am particular about Chinese lessons cos both Poi Ching and Ngee Ann Pri are SAP primary schools so Higher Chinese is compulsory from Pri 1.

But the cost is an issue. At $470 per month (after $150 subsidy for SAHM/part time mummies), Elfa is almost 3 times more exp than pcf so I am still deliberating. :p Actually if I remain as SAHM, I can bridge the gap that PCF misses by doing flashcards, activity books, reading chinese storybooks (which we already do). But as Raelynn grows up, I need to spend more time with her to stimulate her as well. I don't have the confidence that I have the energy to 'coach' both kids and look after them at the same time. So, it's better if I can outsource RaeAnne's learning for half a day to concentrate on Raelynn.

But if RaeAnne goes to CC, I'll definitely feel the pressure to re-enter workforce cos the CC fees are too exp for hubby to bear it alone on top of maid costs. We can use Raelynn's CDA account but the $12k (including our own $6k top up) will run out in 2 years. Plus CDA account's interest rate is 1% so it makes more sense to keep the money there to grow than to withdraw it to pay for CC. :P

On a brighter note, if RaeAnne adjusts well to CC and if I find a suitable job, I can convert RaeAnne to full day CC while getting ILs to watch over Raelynn while I work. By then CC will be cheaper cos I will be entitled to the full $300 subsidy. Also by then, Raelynn will be 18 mths so she will also qualify for CC and maybe if finances permit, she can start going to Cheh Cheh's school too. If not, then she can start CC when she is 2 years old ie. in year 2012. :) The catch is to find a job that pays well but with flexi hours so that should I decide to have no. 3 (yes, I have't given up hope yet), I'll get to enjoy 4 months of paid ML this time and can BF no. 3. Seems like a tall order? :P

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