The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooking... Thai basil minced meat & mentaiko spagetti

Keep forgetting to post but I bought some thai sweet basil during june hols when I was shopping at NTUC cos there were 3-4 packs of minced pork at home. Followed the recipe and ended up making a not very spicy version cos I had no thai chilli at home. I made do with chili oil from my bottle of spicy bean sauce (la dou ban jiang) instead. It was a good move cos RaeAnne liked it and ate it though she was it was 'a bit la'. I cooked it again at my mum's place on Sunday, this time with 5 cut thai chilli and pounded coriander roots. it was nicer, more fragant. But this time, RaeAnne refused to touch it cos she can see the chilli. I would make this dish again since it is easy to whip up but will just add a bit of Japanese 'la yu' for the benefit of RaeAnne. Cos the chilli oil from the spicy bean sauce took away some of the heady fragance of the basil. :)

Went to hokkaido fair at TM last Fri. Most women go to Hokkaido fair and go crazy over the Hokkaido ice cream and the Shiroi white chocolate (there was a super duper long queue at the 2nd floor stall). Me? I always eat their special eat-in ramen then spend a bomb buying chinmi (seasoned seafood) by weight and this time, I bought salmon roe and mentaiko (spicy cod roe) too. Spent $77 on that, no joke. What to do, I've got savoury taste buds, sweet stuff doesn't really excite me. :P

Anyway, was so tired tonight after putting Raeanne to sleep, she slept at 11pm even though we fed her drowsy formula cough syrup at 830pm. Hubby was equally tired and KO so I decided to cook mentaiko spagetti instead of getting him to buy supper though he offered.

I got the recipe from here It was really fast to cook. I don't have 'half and half sauce'. Don't even know what on earth is that so I substituted with 1 tablespoon of butter(or rather margarine). I cut down on the lemon, just 1 thick slice instead of half a lemon cos hubby doesn't like sour unless it's bolognaise (tomato) sauce. It was not bad, the home made cream sauce was quite 'si mo si yang' but wish I had added more lemon juice and some dried seaweed cos that will make it less 'jelat'. I debated whether to take a photo cos without the seaweed, the spagetti does not look appetising. But I don't know when I'll ever pay $6.95 for 100g of mentaiko and make mentaiko spagetti again. So here's a pic for the record. ;)

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