The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maid woes

I read Sharon's blog about the mistakes that her one month old maid makes (It's a new day! Amen) and I can't help smiling cos her reactions are exactly like mine. Her post and exasperation sounded so much like me. It takes another maid employer to understand the woes that we go through.

I've been screaming like a mad woman to the maid these few days. What can I say, things that she should have been 'auto pilot' mode by now (IT'S BEEN ONE YEAR FOR GOODNESS SAKE), she is still making mistakes. And when I tell her off for the mistakes she make, she will either lower her head and refuse to acknowledge me or come up with all kinds of excuses. Yup, 'sorry' is a billion dollar word that she will never use. Looks like it's a common problem among all Philly maids. :P

At least Sharon and Qingling's maids smile when they are scolded for mistakes. Mine is plain defiant by refusing to look up nor acknowledge me. Which makes me want to shout even louder at her so that she will look up at me. Sigh, my temper has gotten worse since I have a maid. :P RaeAnne was so sweet, after I scolded the maid (for adding so much salt and not stiring the salt properly into the beaten egg before frying), she came to hug me and pat me on my shoulder. Later, she even told hubby that she likes the 'salty' egg. Aw... so sweet, my anger melted away a bit cos RaeAnne reminded me who are the important people in my life, definitely not the maid cos they come and go (though she has been naughty most of the day. She napped for only 1 hr again and sent the art easel crashing to the floor, breaking it into a few parts. But that's another story altogether...).

Filamie has been behaving so distracted cos she spoke to her agent (my gal's classmate's Daddy) on the sly on wanting to take home leave in Dec even though her contract is not up till Aug 2012. No news from the agent must have driven her nuts. Little did she know that the agent's staff has already spoken to me and I told her that I am not letting her go on home leave until June 2012. What if she never comes back after going in Dec. You don't know how these people think no matter how much salary you withhold from her. Raelynn is only 1 year old, too young to even go to CC and I'm quite sure ILs can't cope with 2 kids and I'm not keen to train a new maid nor go to ILs house to look after the 2 gals in the day.

In the meantime, the Filipino agent is on her way to Sg, arriving Sg tomorrow. Hope she and the local agent can come to my house soon to 'wake up her idea' and her head so that she can start working properly again.

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