The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miss long winded...

Call me superstitious but I knew once I talk about the partial success we have with RaeAnne's sleep training, things will happen. True enough, tonight she came out more than 10 times from her room to look for me.

Every excuse equal to 1 visit to my room and I got to accompany her back to her room/bed, kiss her goodnight, say 'Bye Bye' to her, walk back to my room but before I know it, she's back again with yet another excuse. Got to commend her for coming up with so many excuses to make her visit to my room sound more genuine.

It started at 1040pm
"Mummy, I want to shh shh (yes, she did pee)."
"Mummy, off the fan"
"Mummy, I want to ng ng in mummy's toilet bowl (yes, she did poo in my toilet)"
"Mummy, I don't want this already (returns me my hp)"
"Mummy, I don't want this already (hands me her soft toy squirrel"
"Mummy, where Daddy? I want Daddy to sleep with me."
"Mummy, hen3 re4, I want to change shirt" (of course hot lar, since you asked me to switch off the fan)
"Mummy, cut my nail (shows me her partially chewed on finger nail)"
"Mummy, my leg itchy (shows me the sole of her foot with a red mark, wants me to scratch it but refuses mopiko)
"Mummy, I want to hi5 Mummy"
"Mummy, I don't want to sleep"
This dragged on until 11.05pm when I cannot take it anymore cos it's delaying Mei Mei's dreamfeed. While I tried to BF Mei Mei, RaeAnne came into the room again. Got hubby to deal with her. She screamed and throw tantrum and woke poor mei mei up. Arghh! Fed up and slammed the door to shut out the ruckus. Luckily, Mei Mei suckled and went back to sleep.

Sigh, in hindsight, I think we brought her back from MIL house too late. We left at 850pm after my shower. But she was already tired and rubbing her eyes. Told hubby we need to bring her back by 830pm next time. Got to factor in wind down time for her. Want her to start rubbing her eyes on her bed not elsewhere. :P

Also, I am still sick (down with cold), slept the whole day so she spent the day at MIL house. MIL fetched her after school. Maybe RaeAnne is glad to be home and wants to spend more time with me. That's why she keeps saying she doesn't want to sleep.

Fed Raelynn avocado puree (mixed with EBM) and she likes it. :) Cheh Cheh hated it but then I wasn't smart enought to add milk then. This time round, I checked the Annabel Karmel book and realised that need to add milk. Hee Hee.

My poor brother just found out that he has HFMD. And he said he did carry Raelynn last Sunday when we went over for dinner. Eeks! Poor RaeAnne already got that last year. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that Mei Mei will escape this infectious disease. Cos HFMD causes mouth ulcers, the poor baby cannot suck milk and will lose weight really fast. :(

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