The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A shining red medal... ;)

Yesterday, I saw a 'medal' in RaeAnne's weekly folder from PG and asked her who is it for. She said 'for mummy'. When I prompted her what must you say, she said 'I love you mummy'. But when I told her no, you are supposed to say Happy Mother's Day. She said 'Happy Mummy's Day'. It is her first present to me although it was made by the teachers. But I will definitely keep it. In fact, I think I should find a big box and keep all the Mother's Day cards that my kids give me so that I can see how much they have grown over the years. :) hehe, so sentimental hor but then i have a box for all the cards that hubby gave me over the years too. So, that's me. I guess I am worried that if I lose my memory when I am old, I still have the cards to remind me of the happy memories we have. ;)

Made potato salad last night and chilled it overnight for breakfast cos I know we don't have time to go for breakfast today cos I have post natal massage at Rustic Nirvana at 10am. I modified from this recipe but added raisins and toasted bacon bits (omitted onions and pepper) Hubby found it the dressing sour though. Duh... not sure if I should bother to make it again but if I do, will probably just put mayo and salt. Easier and better appreciated. :P

Finally it's my 5th treatment at the spa. Just left with 1 last session on 30 May. Supposed to finish it before Raelynn is 6 months old for best effect. How time flies, my sweet Raelynn is coming to 6 months old. Everytime I talk to her and call her name when she is on the bouncer or exersaucer, she will give me a radiant smile and laugh. To her, I always feel guilty cos I can't spend as much time as compared to when we had RaeAnne. But she always brightens my day with her smiles and goo goo gaa gaa. I realise she has daddy genes though, whenever I switch on the tv while trying to BF her, she will turn her head towards the tv and ignore me. Even if I mute the tv, it's useless. Got no choice but to switch off the tv and concentrate on BF her. Duh, never had the same problem with RaeAnne leh.... ;P

Brought RaeAnne to Marche at 313 Somerset after that and they have a very nice children play area with 3 rocking horses and even a children size wooden playhouse. I had my favourite pork knuckle while RaeAnne and hubby shared a strawberry cake. They did not eat much cos RaeAnne had a mcnuggets happy meal while hubby had a cheeseburger. RaeAnne got another Doraemon happymeal toy to add to her collection. Now, she had Doraemon space astroanut, Dorami astronaut and Doraemon submarine. How time flies, I went to watch the old youtube video of RaeAnne feeding herself hot cakes in Mar 09 and felt so wistful that she is now so big and independent. No wonder Dr Wong said some parents have a 3rd one after the first 2 kids grow up cos they feel lost without a baby to love. haha.

RaeAnne KO on the car ride home and slept for 1 hr until 4pm. Hubby bought a very nice Doctor playset for RaeAnne at OG Orchard point. The stethoscope had the sound of a heartbeat and they have a handheld dentist mirror with light. Impressive. Needless to say, RaeAnne spent the whole afternoon after her nap playing doctor. I got to nap in peace from 3+pm - 5+pm too. Nice! :)

Oh yes, RaeAnne was singing a new song today. I knew the tune but not the lyrics nor the title. But she asked me to sing it for her. All I caught was two little boys which she kept repeating. Hummed the tune to hubby to try and solve the mystery, and it turned out to be the 'Mockingbird' song. "Hush little baby, don't you cry, papa is going to buy you a mockingbird" Duh, basically she replaced all the toys (mockingbird, horse and cart etc) with 'two little boys'. Duh, where did that come from? Must go and ask her PG teachers. ;)

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