The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Self initated Toilet training - part 2

Woke up at 2+am shocked to find a head beside me. RaeAnne had come into my room and tried to lie down beside me. Was debating whether to put her to sleep with me or bring her back to her room when I touched her bottom and her pants are all wet. Immediately 'woke up' cos remembered she is not wearing diapers. So bo bian brought her back to her room, changed out training pants and put on MP diapers cos I'm too tired to wake up again because of her wet pants. Tried to go back to sleep with her on her cot bed but she kept scratching her thighs. Wiped her thighs with wet wipes but she still kept scratching.

Finally roused myself to investigate what is wrong then realised that part of her shirt is also wet with urine. So switched on the night light again to change her shirt. But she pulled off the velcro tabs of her diapers as well indicating that she wants me to change. Was surprised when I realised that her diaper was already quite heavy though I just changed it. Poor gal must have been holding her urine and done another big pee job after I put on diaper for her. After all that, she finally slept again at 3am. Filamie had carried Mei Mei out of the room as she had woken up. She told me Mei Mei is hungry but I'm not convinced cos normally she doesn't wake up so early for feed. Plus I was too tired to BF Mei Mei then so asked her to feed bottle and she did feed 50ml. Sorry, Mei Mei. :P She came into my room again at 6am but this time I got hubby to feed her milk while I BF Raelynn at 630am.

Went out for lunch with my friend Bobby and went shopping for a photo printer. Bobby highly recommends Sony printer so we went to the Sony gallery at Tampines 1 to try out the printer. Had the memory card with me so printed a few samples of the Bambini photoshoot. The photo quality is really quite good so more or less decided on this digital photo frame cum printer But it's retailing at $299 with free cartridge/paper so debating whether we should trade in our Sony handycam or any digi camera (get $300 off off) and pay $1999 for a new full HDR-CX350E handycam and get the photo printer and 16gb memory stick FREE. What I like about the new model of Full HD handycam is that it is much slimmer and lighter than the one we have and it can take still photos of 7.1mega pixels. :)

After my 'break', decided to bring RaeAnne swimming since the rain had stopped. She had enjoyed herself at the Changi village swimming pool so I wanted to bring her again before she forgets and starts to be scared of the water and the arm swimming floats again. She enjoyed herself very much though we only spent 40mins in the water from 520-6pm including a dip in the 1metre pool. The Konfidence swimming vest and arms swimming floats worked so well so that she could climb out of the pool herself without needing any help from me. hee. But I didn't want to spend too long cos ILs are looking after Mei Mei while me and Filamie brought RaeAnne swimming. We had dinner at ILs place tonight, it's been a long time since we ate there. :)

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