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The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Self initiated Toilet training and Salmon Miso soup

I've given up trying to toilet train RaeAnne, thought it's better for hubby to do it during June holidays so that we can be more consistent. But, if RaeAnne doesn't want to wear diapers, I won't force her cos I don't want her to think that not wearing diapers is bad.

So this morning, when she said she wants to wear Pooh bear (her training pants) and not diapers. She said 'Jia Huan jie jie ah ma said cannot wear diapers.' I let her be cos didn't want to confuse her but told the maid to tell the teachers that she is not wearing diapers and for them to bring her to toilet if she wants to shh shh.

When I picked her up at PG later, I asked Teacher Chris and she said RaeAnne refused to shh shh when they brought her to toilet. She stamped her feet and was very angry so the teachers left her be. So, I expected that she probably wet her uniform then. But Teacher Chris said she did which means she has been holding her urine from 9.00-11.10am. Not a bad attempt so I praised her and told her Mummy bring her go shh shh when we go home.

Alas, when we were in the lift going home, she told me 'shh shh already, shh shh already'. True enough I could see trickles of urine down her legs. Not a sudden rush thanks to the training pants which helped to hold her urine. Opened the door and shouted for Filamie to hold her and bring her to toilet cos she wee wee and the maid grabbed her by the bottom. Sigh, wrong thing to do cos now the urine will gush out through the 'opening'. End up I have to wash RaeAnne's bottom in the toilet while I quickly ask Filamie to mop the floor. Didn't want RaeAnne to walk around on the wet floor and slip on her urine. Luckily mei mei was asleep at that time or we would have been shorthanded.

Tried to feed her her macaroni soup after that and she surprised us by urinating again, this time into a pair of loose training pants so all the urine flowed to the floor. No choice, wipe the floor and mop again. Reminded RaeAnne that she must tell me 'I want to go shh shh' so that the floor will not be wet. Reminded her that Ethan gor gor shh shh on the floor when he came the last time cos he never tell his mummy that he wants to go toilet but Jia Huan cheh cheh did not even though she doesn't wear diapers. She seemed to understand. But after shower, told the maid to wear her diapers for her if she did not protest. Didn't want any more accidents.

While trying to put her to sleep, I tried twice to ask her to go toilet (even though she was wearing diapers) but she didn't want. I asked her why she didn't want to shh shh in the school toilet when teacher asked her and she said got no toilet bowl. Was surprised cos I remember there were 2 toilet cubicles in the PG toilet. But maybe it was wet. Anyway, told her it is ok to squat and urine cos she does that at Nai Nai house when she showers. But she said I want Mummy's toilet bowl.

Okie, far enough, she probably associates my toilet with shh shh cos I only use my own toilet ever since the maid came. After dinner, she wanted to wear her training pants again. Hubby asked her whether she wants to wear diapers, she replied him sagely that 'Cannot wear diapers already'. LOL.

I tried to bring her to my toilet twice and she shh shh both times. Good gal! Once before milk and one more time after her milk feed. At bedtime, she proudly told me 'Me no need diapers already'. So, tonight, she is not wearing diapers. Hope she can control her pee or call us to bring her to go toilet. Put a waterproof crib sheet over her bed just in case. Will keep fingers crossed. :P

P.S. Cooked salmon miso soup today. Here is the recipe I followed. I even got the maid to fry the salmon bones we bought from NTUC. But I don't have dashi powder and tofu this time. :P


•1 salmon bone skeleton, about 700g
•4 to 5 liters water
•2 Tbsp miso paste (soybean paste)
•1 tsp instant dashi powder, optional
•2 pieces tofu, cut into 1 to 1.5cm dices
•Wakame (seaweed), to preference
•1 green onion (shallot), finely chopped for garnish


1.Bring 4 to 5 liters of water to a boil.
2.Soak wakame according to the instructions on packet until softened. Rinse and drain well.
3.Rinse and cut salmon bones into chunks. Whenever I cook fish soup, I use to briefly fry fish bones in batches over medium heat. I learned this trick from my mum to remove or reduce any unpleasant smell of fish. But if you can get very fresh fish, you can skip this step though. When frying salmon, I don’t need to add any oil because salmon has got lots of oil already.
4.Put salmon bones into boiling water and cook for 2 hours, until reduced to 4 to 5 cups of fish soup.
5.Add wakame and bring to a boil again. Gently add diced tofu. Slower heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat. Ladle out 2 tablespoons of soup to dissolve the miso paste. Gradually stir in until completely dissolved. Make sure to taste along the way you stir in the miso paste. Don’t add too much, otherwise the soup would be too salty. You can also add some instant dashi powder to add more flavour if desired. Sprinkle chopped green onions for garnish. Done.

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Hubby still finds it too salty though I thought it was ok, different taste buds bah. But at least it was nutritious, think of all the omega3 the whole family is getting especially RaeAnne. Hope we all get brainier esp the maid. haha. :)

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