The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catch up on posts - Part 1

10 May 10
Didn't manage to post last night cos my 8Gb memory card got corrupted. I risked losing all my files cos the camera nor the laptop could read the files. I don't know what happened but it happened after RaeAnne pulled out and pushed back the memory card in the day and after hubby helped to transfer all the Bambini photo shoot high res pics into the sd card at night.

I have the bambini photos on laptop but some old plus recent photos r in the camera not backed up. Luckily I have a blog so most of the best photos r there but the rest no lor.., Eg Raelynn 5 months old photos we took about 8 photos but only uploaded 2 to the blog. My DVD rw drive spoilt by Raeanne months ago n I thought of sending for repair only when we go to Penang. :P

Luckily, I posted my problem on facebook and several of my friends chipped in to offer advice. I was really touched that my two ex neighbours from Prince Philip Ave days commented as well. One of them, Samuel, told me about data recovery software and gave me a link. I tried out 3 softwares and finally the third one (ZAR freeware) helped me recover 639 files from my totally corrupted memory card. But some are cropped halfway and all of them are mixed up, not by earliest date and time. Think it will take me weeks to plough through and reorganise cos I don't remember which came first. Faint! :P Morale of the story always back up, back up and back up! Time to copy the files into my portable HDD. :P

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