The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Toilet training - part 4

RaeAnne woke up crying at 1am this morning, coaxed her to go toilet to shh shh but she was crying no. Luckily, when I carried her to the toilet and put her on the toilet seat, she did pee. I only slept at 3+am cos of the iced lemon tea that came with my Macdonalds mcwings meal and cos I kept going over to check on her pants, afraid that she will wet her pants again. Then Filamie brought Mei Mei over at 430am, so I really slept less than 4 hrs last night.

This morning, she woke up at 730am and I brought her to toilet immediately and she peed again. Ok, at least she was dry and didn't wet her pants last night. I KO until 9am when I had to BF Mei Mei again.

But at 11am, we went to Tampines interchange to meet our insurance agent, RaeAnne didn't wear her diapers but refused to pee at either Century Sq toilet and Tampines Mall toilet (even the kiddy toilet on Level 4) :/ Didn't want to risk her wetting her pants in public cos it will be super messy so no choice but to put on her diaper pants after that.

I know that will confuse her cos we went crazy at the BHG sale and bought lots of stuff so she had a very late afternoon nap, KO in the car at 3pm without her usual afternoon shower so after her evening shower, her maid put on diaper for her again. After that, she told me she wants to go to toilet but she has already peed in the diapers. Still brought her to toilet but nothing came out liao.

Changed to her training pants as requested but she wet the pants again about half an hour later. :P Bite the bullet and change to new training pants again, and RaeAnne was playing with the Potty book and hubby asked her if she wants to go toilet and she said yes. She managed to pee in the toilet this time.

We fed her milk at 930pm and this time, I deliberately kept her awake so that I can bring her to toilet at 1030pm. She didn't want to go but she decided to follow after I told her mummy need to shh shh before sleeping too. It was 11pm by the time she slept. Told hubby next time we got to feed milk at 9pm cos need to factor for wee wee time. Let's see what happens tonight. :P

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