The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The story about thunder and lightning

There is a thunderstorm tonight when I am putting RaeAnne to sleep. Whenever there is a thunderstorm, I worry cos RaeAnne will cry and get scared when she hears the boom boom sound of thunder. So, I came up with a story to pacify her and make her not so scared of thunder. Never knew I got to be so creative with my story that just grew and grew though. :p
(LOUD BOOM of Thunder)
RaeAnne - What's that?
Mummy - Thunder
RaeAnne - What's that?
Mummy - Thunder talking to Lightning
RaeAnne - Why?
Mummy - Because Thunder is Lightning's friend. Thunder wants to talk to his friend
RaeAnne - Why?
(Flash of lightning)
Mummy - See the lightning? Later, you will hear thunder cos thunder wants to talk to lightning
(SOFT RUMBLE of thunder)
RaeAnne - Thunder talk to lightning.... a bit...
Mummy - When lightning and thunder are near, we can hear them talking very loudly. If lightning and thunder are far, they talk very soft. Do you like thunder and lightning to be near or far?
RaeAnne - I want thunder to be far, far away
Mummy - Do you know why you always see lightning before you hear thunder?
RaeAnne - (ponders quietly for a few seconds)
Mummy - Because Lightning run very fast but thunder runs very slow so we see lightning first then we hear thunder. Thunder run to catch up with lightning so that he can talk to lightning.
RaeAnne - Thunder follow lightning. Me cover ears. Mummy must cover ears. :)

*The above conversation is just a creative interpretation of the facts so please don't fault me. Poor mummy is lousy at physics, my most hated subject at A levels. But darling, in case you are ever reading this when you grow up, here are the facts of how thunder and lightning are created.*

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