The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Where aeroplane?

RaeAnne always asks me "Where Aeroplane?" when she hears the roar of the aeroplane at home. By the time, we walk over to the balcony, the aeroplane is nowhere to be found. It doesn't help that we only stay on the 6th floor and our unit is partially blocked. So asked hubby to bring us to the airport since there is crocs sale at T3. Brought RaeAnne to the viewing gallery and she is very happy to see the aeroplanes flying off. Finally, they are big enough for her to see. We counted 3 flying off and 6 parked ones. Asked her if she wants to go and sit in the aeroplane and she said yes. Wanted to tell her that we'll be sitting in aeroplane in June (going to Penang) but Filamie is within ear shot so decided to withhold the news. Not sure if we will be bringing her. But we do need an extra pair of hands for the trip. :P

We ate at Swenson but servings were small and food was not fantastic. RaeAnne didn't eat much of her kiddie meal. Mostly finished by hubby. :P T2 has nursing room opposite Row 7 (under the escalator). I fed Raelynn there instead before taking the sky train to T3.

The crocs sale was disappointing. A lot of Disney Minnie Mary Jane sandals but RaeAnne already has 1 pair and she is in between sizes so can't buy. Wanted to buy a pair for Raelynn but size C4/5 very limited designs and colours.

Maid tried NUK teat this morning, bb drank 40 out of 60ml so it's an improvement. But this afternoon when she tried to feed FBM, then baby rejected. Think must mix FBM with fresh EBM liao. :P

P.S. Not sure when should I start correcting RaeAnne's broken english and teach her about grammar. Not where aeroplane, but 'Where is the aeroplane?" :P

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