The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, March 22, 2010

RaeAnne is 26 months today

Okie, I know I told myself that I'll stop tracking her development monthly. But still I remembered that it's 22nd today. ;)

The naughty gal kenna smacked by me on her hand today cos she pushed down my lap table and laptop accidentally while she was trying to reach for my box of wet tissue. It's not the first time she has done it. The last time she did that, the DVD drive of my laptop came loose and I have not even had time to send it for repair. :P

My hubby's colleague came back from BKK and helped me to buy 6 boxes of Boots milk bags for $30.80. So 1 box is slightly more than $5. So much cheaper compared to Lansinoh at $17 each. :/ Now, I got 4 boxes of Lansinoh and 6 boxes of Boots milk bags. Should be enough milk bags until I wean off my baby. Haha. :)

Oh yes, RaeAnne woke me up at 520am today by barging into the room. Held out her hand and ask me to lead her back to her bed. :P Surprisingly Mei Mei did not wake up after sleeping at 1030pm but can hear her sucking her fingers loudly. After I fed RaeAnne milk, her sucking got louder n louder but she didn't cry much. Still, I cannot ignore the sucking sounds cos RaeAnne cannot go back to sleep cos too noisy. Gave up n woke hubby to put RaeAnne back to sleep while I carry n feed Mei Mei. Had to pump at 6+am cos right side is slightly blocked for 4-5 days liao. :(

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