The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raelynn is 3 months old!

RaeAnne is 3 months old today. She is about 6kg now. I said about 6kg cos we weighed her 3 times with different people standing on the weighing scale (maid, hubby then me) and her weight ranged from 5.7kg, 5.9kg and 6kg. :P She is also 60cm long. Measured twice with a measuring tape cos I couldn't believe she grew by so much from 51.5cm (last PD visit). No wonder it is so difficult to feed her using football hold position on my nursing pillow nowadays. :P

Just checked the old posts. Cheh cheh was only trying to flip at 3 months old but Raelynn can already flip. Shows that she is a faster learner than Cheh Cheh. Or maybe it was because ILs were quite protective towards RaeAnne. FIL in particular told us not to let her flip cos 'her bones were too soft'. ;P Filamie got her chuckling when she spun the cot mobile above her. :) Got the video, but can hear Filamie laughing even louder than Raelynn in the background. :P

RaeAnne has been asking us to take out her diapers and doesn't even want training pants when she is going to bed. Finally put her to nap after 2 hrs at 3pm and 330pm, she woke up screaming, don't want don't want. And insist for me to take out her diapers. I had to carry her barebottom. So worried that she will pee on me. But in the end, she still ask me to put back the mamy poko diapers. So frustrating.

Tonight tried new method. When she said take out take out, I immediately took off the diaper without arguing. After just 5 mins, she said 'wear, wear' again. Luckily we have already put on the waterproof mattress protector in case she really falls asleep not wearing the diapers. But still she slept at 1130pm though we fed milk at 930pm. Sigh. When will she ever sleep early? :P

P.S. Wanted to mention that I was surprised to hear RaeAnne singing my bonnie and clementine over the weekend. I didn't even know she knows those songs though I sang to her before during bedtime. Must ask the PG teachers if they have been teaching these songs. :)

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