The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Lawry's and Expo Baby Fair

Went with hubby to Lawry's on Thurs night without the kids cos we have a $50 voucher (min $100 spending) from the Valentine's day Far East Flora bouquet promotion. We ordered the chef's special, surf and turf and mushroom sizzler. Ambience was nice and cosy at Lawry's though hubby prefers Jack's place for the steak. He's never a fan of fine dining. Told hubby I could almost forget that I am a mother of two and the two gals are waiting for me at home. Haha. The ramen restaurant beside Lawry's (ippudo) was super popular though. Such a long queue formed at 6+pm. Next time, must try.

Managed to squeeze in a post natal massage at Rustic Nirvana before going for dinner too. Very happy cos I haven't utilised any of my post natal massage spa sessions yet. The masseur recommended that I come every week cos after 6 months post delivery, not very effective to use massage to get rid of wind liao. :P My weight at the spa was just 44.4kg. Faint! I am already back to pre preggie weight and less than 45kg. Sian! I wanted to stay at 45-47 kg but minus the existing spare tyre please. :P Booked another appt on 17 Apr at 4pm again, hope I get to go. :)

Went to Expo baby fair to stock up on Pureen products and another set of Mumsfairy supershields. Bought 2 long sleeve tops for Raelynn and a pair of covered up pants. Bought long sleeve cos realised that with Raelynn, we do go to air con places quite often (aka shopping centres) cos we want to bring RaeAnne out. Whereas when we had RaeAnne, we tend to stay home more often cos we had no maid so bringing a baby out was a hassle. :P

But we went to Expo at the wrong time and it was raining when we reached Expo. By the time, we wanted to go PP, it was practically pouring. With no rain shelter, not keen to expose both kids to the elements so ended eating dinner at Expo food fair instead. :P So no chance to try the Koi bubble tea that the Jan mummies have been raving about for so long. :( Huggies pull up pants are cheap there, 2 for $28. But I didn't buy in the end cos it was raining and we have 3 umbrellas, 2 bags and 2 toddlers to carry plus 2 bags of pureen stuff. :P

Brought RaeAnne to see GP today for her cough. It has been 3-4 days, tried manuka honey with lemon, nan bei xing, chuan bei mu apple soup but still she is coughing. And she vomitted twice due to coughing liao. Sian... GP bill only $19 but bad news is she hates the black cough syrup. Had to force it down the throat with 3 adults holding and feeding cos she cleverly spit out the 2.5ml which we syringe down. If her cough doesn't get better by Monday, I'm going to have a hard time feeding her med. :(

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