The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Parent Volunteer letter from school!

Almost forgot to blog about this though I did post in FB. On friday, we finally received the PV letter that we have fulfilled 60 hours of PV duty. So we can now register RA in phase 2B on 21 July. Last year, the school did not have to ballot for phase 2B so we have a good chance. Phase 2C on the other hand had about 91 applicants so there was a ballot for the 71 seats available.

I took quite a lot of no pay leave in the beginning as I was working a temp job at ex company last year. But all in all, we finished the PV hours quite fast considering that we only started in August and we hit the 60 hrs in just 3 months. All thanks to hubby who burned his Saturdays as PV to organise birthday parties for the students. One of my friends started earlier than us but only reached 60 hrs this year because both she and her hb had problems taking leave from work or volunteering on weekends. The things parents do for our kids...


Hui Ming said...

Congrats!! I am also looking forward to receiving my letter for Ph2 B registration.

Yeap, though it has been years since we "met" on motherhood forum, I still read your blog regularly.

Hope we will be safe from balloting! good luck!

Piggy Family said...

Hi, Hui Ming

Let's keep our fingers crossed! If both our kids get in, let's exchange contacts and reunite in school. ;)

Hui Ming said...

Ops no, we are looking at different schools heee. but we are both trying the same route - Ph2B.

All the best!