The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bringing RaeAnne home from PG

It's been one week since I brought RaeAnne home from PG. MIL has been doing the honours the whole of last week. But after the frozen EBM incident, decided to cut down the dependence on ILs and relieve their burden a bit. But I feel better already, not so upset cos yesterday hubby thaw the frozen ebm when we went over to ils place n mix with ebm to give to RaeAnne. Also we finally started yoga class at nearby cc yesterday. Finally some 'couple' time though it's in a class of 17 students. haha.

So I started bringing Raeanne home today. Started toilet training too. Bo bian cos she keeps asking us to take out her diaper at night before sleeping. She napped on her own without crying at 2pm, 1 hr after her milk feed cos she peed n pooed after that. :p The magic toilet training stickers that I bought from BP recently was very useful. She was very excited to pee on the potty so that the tiger appears. The sticker is special cos the colours of the tiger only appear upon contact with pee or water. :) I know it's a bit gross to show photo of pee but I know some mummies will be keen to know how the sticker looks like. But still she wet two training pants. Only succeeded 3 times to pee in potty once during bath time and twice after that. Never mind, one step at a time. :)

Raeanne woke up early at 305pm just now but luckily hubby came back early today at 430pm. Record time. He brought Raeanne out to walk to tampines mall Ntuc to expend her energy. so I can finally reward myself with a cup of coffee n wait to bf Mei Mei. Haha, managed to capture Raelynn flipping on video just now. Can even see her trying to crawl or 'tunnel' as hubby put it. Will wait till the gals sleep before uploading it. Got to take a shower before hubby and RaeAnne comes back. :)

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