The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Post accident

Quite a few people asked me how we are coping post accident with my neck to waist brace, hubby's fractured hand and 2 active kids below 3. Grandparents support is minimal as ILs pop in only when we call them for help eg. this afternoon MIL came over cos the maid wanted to go to PO to send $.

I am stiff in the morning, can't get off bed without going Ow, ow, ow. Hubby is even worse cos he has to sleep at the reclined position or he can't get up in the morning. Very difficult for him cos RA will always kacheow him at night for shh shh or milk or just to get Daddy to sleep with her.

I lie flat on my bed as much as I can. I am most comfortable lying down on the bed actually cos no need to wear the brace. My dr said I can skip the brace when showering and sleeping so I'm cheating a bit (ok, ok, cheating a lot) by lying down on the bed and using iPhone to surf net most of the time. but it's also very straining for my eyes. Think my myopia power will increase after 6 weeks.

A lot of things that I took for granted eg. shower, surf net, carry Raelynn, even drink water, I can no longer do comfortably esp with the brace. I often had to pull apart the chin support to breathe properly cos it was so claustrophobic to have half your face covered with a hard brace. :P

So, I have to find ways to improvise, utitlising whatever I can to make it work. :p

To surf net without the brace, I prop a big pillow behind my back and sit up straight, keeping neck in neutral position, then I put a Giant table tray with fold out legs (that we bought long ago for RA) then put 3big photo albums on top to prop up my laptop. That means that I can look at the screen comfortably without straining my neck but it's too high for my hands to type. But luckily hubby reminded me of the wireless keyboard I bought while still working at CGH. So, I connected the wireless keyboard so that I can type it on my lap. Very useful when I need to post on my blog or forum.

To shower, I got to sit on a stool, put my toiletries on another stool and position the showerhead so that it sprays directly on my head. I need to keep my back straight and lean back on the wall most of the time. Over head and bending down my head is discouraged by the physiotherapist. I managed ok but still have problems washing the upper right hand part of my shoulder due to the stiff back so hubby helps me. Drying my hair with a towel is also difficult since I'm supposed to minimise over head arm movements so I sit on a chair while hubby blows dry my hair with his good right hand.

To eat, we have ordered tingkat since Monday and hubby will put the pink table top on top of the coffee table with all the tingkat containers so that I can eat without looking down. To drink water, I use a straw so that I don't have to tilt my head.
I tried to wear the brace to eat the first few days but it was so claustrophobic cos I can't tilt my neck and my chin is half hidden. I broke one of my Corelle bowls (Duh, won't they supposed to be break resistant?) on Sunday while trying to eat my fried bee hoon dinner cos I can't see properly. Think it'll be difficult to buy a replacement cos that particular green lotus design is being phased out. :(

Hugging RL can only be done when someone places her on my lap but it's always very short hug cos she will struggle to get down. As for carrying her, it's even more impossible, cos it will strain my compression fractures at T1-5. So, I've sadly fallen out of favour cos she prefers the maid who can pick her up from the cot when she wakes up and carry her when she is pushed down by Cheh Cheh. In fact, she started to call 'Aunty' yesterday and often looks for the maid when she is out of sight. Hiaz. Such a practical gal. :P

But luckily, last night, when she was whining and trying to fall asleep, I put my hand on her hand to prevent her from 'tunneling' off the bumper mat and she fell asleep in just a few seconds. It was the first time I managed to make her sleep without letting the maid take over. At least it's a small accomplishment.

Hubby is a GREAT help to me (he brings me my water, my painkillers, helps me with my shower, hair drying etc). Sometimes we can't help commiserating about our fate as we go ow, ow, ow together especially when we are trying to find a comfortable position to sleep at night or when we are trying to get up from the bed. Sneezing and coughing literally 'rips us apart' us cos it is so damn painful esp to the ribs and painful muscles. But have you ever tried to stop a sneeze or cough? I have not had much success so far. It's worse when we laugh. So got to avoid comedies for now.

But yes, above everything else, we are thankful to be alive and see our gals' faces again. So got to keep reminding ourselves when the going gets tough. :)

Poor hubby going for day surgery Tom, poor guy got to go alone n come back alone cos he doesn't want to trouble his parents to accompany n technically they also didn't offer. Hope he doesn't feel too drugged tom and will make it safely back in a cab.

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