The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

To mix or not to mix

Counted today and I have 17 bags of FEBM. Won't be long before the FEBM gets depleted since I am no longer pumping. Just hand expressing a bit when I feel full (not really). Got to start 'training' RL to take Friso3 which is what RA is taking. Wonder if I should mix FM with EBM or just let her take it neat. Afraid that she won't want EBM (bland) after taking FM so in a dilemma when to start giving it to RL. :P

Once the last bag of EBM is gone, wonder if I should sell the upright Farfalla freezer which I used to store EBM. It has served me very well for the last 11 months but it does take up a space in the kitchen. After the accident, think the chances of trying for no. 3 is even slimmer cos I need to defer my RES course and both hubby and I need to recuperate and recover from our fractures too. I already managed to sell the Arms reach cosleeper and got $100 for that. Not bad, considering that I bought it for $139 in 2007. :P

Oh ya, Mei Mei said I don't want 'sleep' today. Apparently, she said 'Eat' to Ye ye very often too. Tomorrow, starting on 2BQ tingkat for lunch and dinner for 10 days trial. Hope the food is good. Hubby has always been excited about tingkat so hope he's happy with the food. :)

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muddle_ger said...

Hi had u sold ur freezer?