The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Follow up dr review

Came back from dr review at cgh, condition not worsen (good news) but still need to wear brace for 6 more weeks (bad news). Thought my 6 weeks started from 14 Jan, how come kenna restarted and now still got to wear for 6 weeks.

Next review is 7 mar, so close to my phuket trip on 14 mar. Hope I can still go for my trip lor. Got to wear the brace for so long. Hiaz. Went back to Lifeforce rehab centre and adjusted my brace slightly to give my face more breathing space. Bought another cervical collar too and it costs $156. No choice cos the brace is too uncomfortable to use on the bed so look for another alternative so that I won't feel so miserable. Met a couple there and the Malay lady is still wearing a hard plastic brace though her accident was in Nov and her fracture is only in T12, guess I can't complain. :p

Wonder if I was right to insist on no surgery so I went to search online. Looks like most pp will only go for surgery if there is nerve damage (which hopefully I don't have). So, brace is the best option for now bah.

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