The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday celebration at Elfa

RaeAnne's school is closed tomorrow for staff training. So, we had to celebrate early for her birthday which is on Sat. Luckily, I had ordered most of the items from Party City when preparing for Mei Mei's BD party. Cos post accident, we really don't have the time and energy to shop for her party stuff. But we still had to scramble to buy party favours and sweets/jelly last minute cos we didn't know there were 18 kids in her class including herself. I only see her own class ie. PrenurseryIIA (only about 6 kids) but PrenurseryIIB are also counted cos they share a classroom (separated by book shelves) and the same lunch break.

With me and hubby in bandage and brace, we were quite a sight walking to the CC with maid, baby and MIL in tow. I got the most curious stares from kaypoh aunties and uncles cos of my neck to waist brace. But bo bian, told myself must be thick skin and sacrifice my 'face' for my daughter. After all, it's her 3rd birthday party and I wouldn't miss it for the world. :)

RaeAnne got the pink smiley face cake that she requested for and all the kids are happy with the party bags and cake. We didn't bring the cake back since it wasn't very big in the first place. No place to store in the fridge also. But in hindsight, we should have cut a piece and put into tupperware for Ye Ye. I was too busy trying to take photos that I forgot. :P One of RA's classmate, a little boy by the name of Ryan Koh (Standing behind RaeAnne) likes me so much (despite my strange looking brace) that he called me Mummy and tried to leave with me. So sweet. :) Even RL hasn't called me Mummy yet. Duh...

Anyway, we also got RaeAnne's fortnightly progress report from school today. Her English lessons were of good progress but Chinese vocabulary 有待加强. These were for words like 幼儿园,再见,小朋友,你好etc. Yes, although we do speak Mandarin at home, we don't use such words often. No wonder she doesn't know. Got to hide the 'Beauty and the Beast' book which she loves and start reading some more of the Pelangi chinese books that we used to read to her. :P

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