The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Raelynn is 13 months old! :)

Raelynn is 13 months old, don't have her latest weight and height yet cos she was at ILs house today.

It's official. She has stopped latching since 12 Dec. It's been 3 weeks and I kept trying to make her latch again, tried honey, tried it when she's hungry, tried it when she's sleepy and tried it after she has fallen asleep. But it's no use, I must admit her persistence has worn out my patience.

Although I had occasional success latching her when she was asleep, it's getting harder and harder cos if she is too hungry, she won't fall asleep so got to give EBM via bottle. If we don't give her enough EBM, she's still hungry and wakes up at my nursing pillow and cries, refuse to latch. If we give her enough EBM usually 125ml, she is satisfied and falls asleep. No amount of prying her mouth and jaw with my little finger nor tickling or tapping her jaw will make her 'unclench' her teeth.

So sad though I am, I cannot force this issue anymore. Because she's not latching, I can only pump out 100ml after 2 pumps of 20-30 mins (even the pump gives up on me). So, it's a matter of days before I stop pumping altogether.I weaned RaeAnne off BF at 12.5 months and she latched all the way till 12.5 months too. Since I still have some frozen EBM, and Mei Mei is already 13 months. I have already surpassed my BF target of feeding RL as long as RA and longer if possible.

Anyway, 2 days ago, while trying to make RL sleep, I flashed at her and she came forward and kissed my left nipple but didn't even try to open her mouth. It was like a kiss goodbye and it shows that she no longer sees it as her source of food. Oh well, at least she had good memories of latching, if not, she wouldn't kiss it. I must take heart for that.

For her 13th month milestone, RL is able to say 'I don't want'. Don't understand why she cannot call 'Mummy' (only occasionally Mama) but yet she can say 'I don't want'. But it's true, I heard it myself tonight, she kept chanting 'I don't want', 'I don't want' when me and the maid took turns to put her to sleep. First, I didn't let the maid feed too much EBM cos I was still hoping to latch (failed - she struggled off my lap or her teeth were clenched the whole way), secondly because her arms are wrapped up in the baby legs legging to prevent her from sucking her favourite pacifier - her thumb. So, she was sleepy, hungry and frustrated so she kept chanting 'I don't want'. In the end, the maid had to feed another 60ml of EBM and let her roll on the mat before she fell asleep in 5 mins. :P

Went with hubby to Dempsey for lunch. Our first time to Dempsey, though I've heard of the place 5 years ago, so suaku. Thanks to the GPS, we made the trip. But because I changed setting from 'Faster route' to 'Shorter distance', it took us 40mins to drive there cos the GPS directed us to all the small roads instead of the expressways. -_-

We ate at Barracks as recommended by a few Jan08 mummies. Hubby ordered the braised veal caramelised onion skinny pizza while I had the Bay Prawn Capellini, then we shared the salted caramel banana cake. The food was really good. :) They weren't exactly cheap though cos all their mains are $22 and above. :P Went to Jones the Grocer to browse and we passed by Gogo bambini, another adventure park for kids but we have not brought RaeAnne there before. Maybe next time. :) We went to the PageOne warehouse sale at Kaki Bukit View after that but hubby didn't buy anything. I bought some stationery and a notebook for taking notes at my RES course. :)

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