The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MMR jab, Tampines1 and Oscar results

Backdated posts...:)

1 June
First day of school holidays, and we brought RaeAnne for her overdue MMR jab. She cried for so long inside the clinic, it started the moment the dr put the cold stethoscope on her tummy. She hates that. She is 9.9kg and 78cm tall. PD said 50th percentile. Actually, Dr Lee suggested Hep A jab on the same day but I thought since Hep A's an optional jab and she's not taking any shellfish, we can delay the jab. Got to watch out for fever 5 days from MMR jab.

2 June
Hubby had to go back to school but when he came back in the evening. We decided to bring RaeAnne to Tampines1 together with MIL who has also not been there. RaeAnne loved the toy shops, she'll run around and touch/pull out everything. When we were at Cold storage, while hubby, MIL and RaeAnne were waiting for me (outside Cold storage) to pay for my items. Hubby 'instigated' RaeAnne to go take an apple for Nai Nai, she'd run there, touch a fruit then run back again, shaking her head. Haha, clever gal, never fall for Daddy's trick. I always tell her must wait for aunty to scan (di di di), we pay $$$, then the item is ours. If not, it's aunty's, cannot take otherwise aunty will scold. ;)

3 June
Finally, ACJ clinic called me bright and early at 9am about my oscar risk. RaeAnne was already up at 830am, today I let hubby sleep in, she was babbling loudly when the clinic called. So all I remember is for my age group, it should be 1:350 but my oscar results show 1:9668 or 1:6998. Didn't write it down at that time, by 930am when I woke hubby up to tell him, I already forgotten the correct order liao. Cham! memory failing. :P We went to LJS for breakfast today, as usual, left the house late, came back even later. But today is the first day, I sat in the front passenger seat while RaeAnne sat in her car seat and she didn't make any noise. Yeah! finally, my chance at freedom. :)

Hubby fed RaeAnne porridge at 1:15pm, shower at 2pm, and she didn't want to sleep, finally napped from 4pm - 530pm. 1.5 hrs only, no wonder she was grouchy when she woke up. The porridge which I asked hubby to prepare at 430pm still wasn't ready as he didn't use freshly boiled water (hotter), so we finally left the house at 7pm to go for our dinner after feeding RaeAnne. My stomach was protesting and feeling pukey so ate a nutella sandwich in the car. Went to compasspoint so that hubby can check out some toys at Metro Sengkang. Ate at Sakura cos the other restaurants all long queue. After dinner, we went to Metro, RaeAnne has a really fun time running all over, playing peekaboo with us from the racks of clothes and peering at herself at mirror and pushing changing room doors open. Aiyoh! Hubby had to physically grab her and carry her out of Metro cos she kept running back to the store. ;P

Was too late to bathe her proper as we got back around 10pm so we just wiped her face and hosed her down with warm water once without washing her hair. I went to shower while hubby gave her last milk feed. Naughty gal, she always leave a lot of milk behind when daddy feeds. So I added some hot water and fed her myself after my shower. My hair was still wet and she felt it. Immediately gestured for me to blow dry my hair, told her I'll do it after she finish her milk milk. She drank a bit more only (maybe cos she had 2 spoonfuls of rice at Sakura). After her milk feed, I told her she must lie down and sleep then mummy go and blow dry hair. She really guai guai and put her head on my cushion (her impromptu pillow) but she will go to 'push up' position. When I catch her doing it then she quickly guai guai lie down again. She finally slept at 11pm. What a long day for her. :)

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