The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from Penang & Happy Father's Day!

Back from Penang, bought so much stuff that we exceeded luggage limit by 4.5kg. Luckily the ground crew allow us to repack into hand luggage or else we'll have to pay RM80. It wouldn't be worth it to pay the surcharge cos the things we bought are cheap stuff in the first place. :P

Another reason why we exceeded luggage limit is because all liquids cannot be hand carried and we had lots of liquids, sesame oil, soy sauce, nutmeg oil, toiletries, RaeAnne's water mattress, pillow etc. :P We did all our shopping on the last day cos we had a private tour bringing us to all the famouse Penang hawker food stalls (charcoal bread, ayer hitam penang laksa, famous chendol, old stall chicken rice, roadside stall agong bong, roadside durian stall etc). Also went to Kek Lok Si, Penang Hill (waste of time, spent 2 hrs to spend 15 mins on the hill :P), Chew Jetty, E&O hotel, and Tesco. :)

We flew back from Penang on Sunday at 1010am, saw quite a few passengers wearing masks. They must be scared of Singapore's H1N1 situation. :P We only saw RaeAnne close to 1pm cos we went straight home to unpack and wash our clothes, thinking my PT cleaner will come today but she played me out again! :/.

She didn't have a BIG reaction when she saw us, just smile happily as if we are fetching her home in the evenings like a normal day. But she kissed me on the lips many times yesterday. When I asked her to call Mummy, she'll say 'boh' and kiss me. Or when I ask her if she miss me, and tell her Mummy missed her and loves her.

Yesterday was also Father's Day. Prepared a present in advance (a small soft toy and a photo frame) so that RaeAnne can give it personally to Daddy. It was a short walk from our MBR to the kitchen where Daddy was making her milk milk but she made a detour to her bedroom and the living room, I had to keep directing her back on track. Faint! ;P Hope Hubby liked the present.

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday cos I knocked out with RaeAnne who only slept at 11pm. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! Thanks for taking such good care of RaeAnne for being the hands on Daddy who can bathe, feed, cook, rock her to sleep, change diapers, clean her puke and play with her. RaeAnne is so lucky to have the best Daddy ever. :)

Our loot for RaeAnne from Penang

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