The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kids Friendly Dinner :)

Decided to cook a kids friendly family dinner today, first time cooking rice with dishes for RaeAnne. It's been really long time since I cooked (exclude RaeAnne's porridge of course), almost 2 months in fact cos I stopped cooking ever since morning sickness set in. Can't stand the smells of cooking, still can't actually.

Even though MS still has not abated (why? why? why? Gynae said if not ok by 12 weeks then it may take up to 16 weeks. :( ), I decided to be brave cos RaeAnne is taking lesser and lesser of her porridge. Doesn't help that we always get ingredients from ILs so she always end up eating the same stuff, pumpkin, carrot and baby corn. ILs tried feeding her rice added with soup (with bits of fish, veg) for her before but the rice and the small amout of soup they cooked cools too quickly, they end up reheating the soup so many times that they gave up feeding her rice as a main meal. :P

I bought minced chicken, egg tofu, local spinach from nearby NTUC and I have leftover carrot and chinese mushroom. Can't put much seasoning since it's meant for RaeAnne as well. I chopped the carrot and chinese mushroom finely and mixed with the minced chicken to form a paste and put it on top of the egg tofu to steam. Only added 3 drops of soy sauce and 2 drops of sesame oil to the meat paste.

Next I fried an omelette using minced chicken (gotta maximise my ingredients mah) and sliced chinese mushrooms). Cooked a soup using ikan bilis stock (wash the ikan bilis twice to get rid of some salt), local spinach, sliced carrot and tomatoes. Ended up adding meatballs too cos I had leftover meat paste and hubby said throw everything in, don't keep. ;)

The verdict? RaeAnne was quite excited over dinner, kept pointing to this and that so that we can feed her. Her favourite dish is the tofu and she loves the meat paste. Hubby had to 'bribe' her by putting the meat on top of her rice before she would eat it. An even BIGGER meatlover than mummy.

BUT the downside is, she ate very little rice. Less than 2 tablespoonfuls. Much much less than her usual portion of porridge. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it, she had a very late nap close to 5pm (she ended up taking 2 milk feeds in the afternoon) and woke up around 6pm so she was not so hungry when she woke up.

Hubby didn't enjoy it as much though, even though I already warned him that everything will taste bland, ask him to dip the food in soy sauce if necessary. He still commented that the egg had no taste, the soup had no taste. Think the only thing he liked was the tofu since he didn't complain about it. Like father, like daughter. Faint! :P

But in hindsight, I think our pace of eating was too fast for our gal. When she realised that all the food were gone (we finished up her leftover cold rice and her favourite tofu). She kept pointing to the empty plates and said 'Boh', 'Boh'. She probably wanted to eat more. End up hubby had to feed her some bread to fill her up. :P

Put her to bed at 915am and she only slept at 1020pm. She was too busy babbling to sleep. Haha.

P.S. I had ultimate heartburn and super bad MS after rising from the bed (had to lie down for 1 hr to coax RaeAnne to sleep. Baby no. 2 doesn't like the food (must be the spinach and mushrooms, the 2 food smells that I can't stand). I even throw out a bit of the dinner which I cooked myself, what an insult to my own cooking. :P

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