The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chicken stock and ABC pasta

Poor RaeAnne started a low grade fever early in the morning. Around 4am when she cried, felt that she was a bit hot so we took her temperature, it was 37.9. Must be side effect of her MMR jab as she had the jab last Monday, exactly 1 week ago. Luckily in the morning, she was fine, hot and sticky when she woke up at 9am so we went to KFC for breakfast. Was late leaving the house cos hubby had to go through his morning ritual, while I had to cook porridge, and check in on my FB games. Hee. ;)

We went to KFC but ended up missing the breakfast cos they were processing it so slowly close to 11am (probably trying to delay serving any more breakfast). In the end, we ended up at Hans, bad choice cos the breakfast set comes with butter toast, nice for adults but a bit hard for RaeAnne.

Decided to let RaeAnne try more homecooked adult food today. Since she is feverish, decided to make chicken stock (chicken soup supposed to nourish the body right?) and make ABC pasta soup for her and macaroni soup for ourselves so went to NTUC to buy ingredients. Ended up buying a lot of food stuff but total only $12+, I was surprised, haha.

To me, the chicken stock was a success (I'm not a perfect chef, hee), cos it smelt exactly like the chicken soup that they serve at hainanese chicken rice stall. Now, I know why my mum's chicken soup always taste very bland, she never add any vegetables when cooking, only ginger. But I think she'll faint if she saw me trying to debone the chicken drumsticks. Hee. :P

RaeAnne woke up just as I was starting to prepare the ingredients for the chicken stock at 430pm. She cried and cried in hubby's arms cos she wanted me to carry but my hands were full and messy trying to deskin and debone the chicken drumsticks I bought. I had to carry her after washing my hands before she calmed down. As usual, she is very excited when I was cooking, she can't see so she keeps wanting me to carry her, so hubby had to do the honours cos I can't cook and carry her at the same time mah.

Made her ABC pasta soup with small bits of brocolli and chicken thigh meat. Next time, must throw in the brocoli first, they take quite some time to soften even though I already cut them so small. :P Gave RaeAnne a piece of carrot that has been cooking in the chicken stock, it tastes so sweet and soft, she loves it.

Left the feeding of the ABC pasta to hubby cos I had to continue to cook our own dinner. Hubby said she ate quite a lot. :) Under estimated our dinner, cooked too little macaroni but hubby was still stuffed cos I had lots of extra 'liao' for our own macaroni. Hee.

Recipe for chicken stock
1 chicken carcass ($1 from NTUC)
3 drumsticks bones (next time will just buy another carcass, and buy chicken breast for the meat, easier and faster)
1 large Australian white onion (but I only used half)
Left over carrot (almost 1 stick)
1 knob of ginger (thumb size)
i) Put everything in a pot of water, making sure the whole chicken carcass is covered and bring to boil in high heat.
ii) Once it boils, switch to low heat and let it continue simmering for another hour.
iii) Can add salt and pepper to taste, I added just a pinch of both since the chicken stock is the base for RaeAnne's ABC pasta.
* Photo was taken after scooping out the soup for RaeAnne, and after taking out our portion for our pasta, I'm just left with 1 bowl of chicken stock for tomorrow's porridge. Will definitely increase the portions so that I have some stock for freezing purpose.

ABC pasta
i) Boil a handful of ABC pasta in water (can add some salt) and drain off once the ABC pasta looks soft.
ii) Strain the chicken stock with the sieve and pour some to the ABC pasta.
iii) Bring to boil, then add the broccoli to the soup. I also added 2 pieces of cooked carrot.
iv) Once it boils again, add the chicken thigh meat into the soup. I pre-seasoned the cut thigh meat with 1 drop of sesame oil for fragrance but it's optional cos actually the chicken stock is already naturally oily. :P

P.S. Her fever came back in the night, 38.2 degrees so we gave another dose of paracetemol before her last milk feed. :P

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