The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chicken porridge

Used the chicken stock to cook porridge with minced chicken, carrot, cauliflower for RaeAnne this morning. The porridge smelt so fragant and tastes so sweet. Didn't take a photo cos the porridge itself looks normal and you can't smell from a photo. Got inspired so went to NTUC again this evening with Hubby to buy another chicken carcass to make more chicken stock for freezing.

We went to Phin's for dinner and I had escargot and pork rack. The pork rack was so tender and juicy. Told hubby wished I can put on the blog that I cooked this and he commented that it's very easy to make. Cheh, I don't believe him unless he cooks it for me next time. ;P

Made tomata base pasta with the left over minced chicken and 2 tomatoes which I bought yesterday. As usual, RaeAnne very greedy, wanted to eat whatever we are eating, I gave her a bit of macaroni and bits of chicken. Hubby very clever, gave her a piece of chopped tomato. It must have tasted sour, after that, she stopped going to hubby for food liao, only target me. :P

Thinking of trying mee sua soup or fried rice next so asked the forum mummies for recipes. Got quite a few recipes so far, think will try mee sua soup first cos I'm not confident of my frying skills. :P

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