The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oscar Scan

Went for my Oscar scan, hospital tour and gynae appt at TMC today. Had to reach there at 830am this morning cos I didn't have appt (Sat appts are fully booked) so we left RaeAnne to sleep over at ILs place today. MIL has appt with friend at 2pm so we must rush back before that. Everything was back to back but baby was guai guai (already told BB in the car to lie down in nice position for the sonographer to scan) so the Oscar scan only took 10mins. Also took blood so results will only be out next Tues.

The TMC tour was ok, the delivery suites did look in need of renovation, tired looking but the wards were very nice esp the newly renovated Super Deluxe rooms, suites etc.

After that, went back to Dr Joycelyn Wong's clinic to see dr. Decided to sign the package so that she can scan for me again. The sonographer was a woman of few words and very minalist. So, I didn't get a chance to ask if she saw bb's gender. Dr Wong said she will try and check for me. BB is 6.5cm long, heart beat 154 and looks like I'm going to have another princess cos scan showed nothing in between the legs.

Hubby insists he is not disappointed at all. Already broke the news to ILs, didn't want them to harbour any false hopes (if any). They are ok as well, said gals good, no need to go through NS and worry about sudden death!?! Hah, so extreme meh? Actually, I think RaeAnne will be happier with a sister (can play together, next time go shopping, share clothes, etc). I always wanted a sister, asked my mum many times when I was young why she didn't give me a sister. Esp when I quarrelled with my bro. Hee. Well, looks like we save $$ cos really nothing to buy liao since gal again. :)

Just a bit disappointed that the Chinese gender calendar predictor didn't work this time. Hee.

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