The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weaning part 2 & RaeAnne's first time on magazine

Last night, RaeAnne slept at 11+pm until 7am at ILs place without waking up for milk. Think she bully Daddy & Mummy only. :P ILs are so supportive of me weaning RaeAnne off that they offer to take care of her tonight as well. But don't know whether to be happy or sad cos they weren't as supportive of me when I was BF her lor. But happy that at least RaeAnne won't be crying and pulling my shirt at night because I won't be able to reject her then hubby has to keep waking up to feed FM.

A few other BF mummies were sharing that they feel so sad that their BF career is coming to an end as supply drops. True true. I look at my faithful PIS advance on my bedside ledge and my pumping pal handsfree and I feel so sad. Had to disappear so that ILs can feed FM to her in the day and I feel so 'bu she de'. Reading the Gain IQ brochure about 'taurine being present naturally in breast milk' and I feel so guilty that I'm depriving her of brain food while buying something artificial that may not work as well. Still got a lot of milk and developing painful lumps so I had to handexpress quite a bit. Might as well not waste the milk so expressed into bottles.

With ILs looking after her at night, I can't even sneak in one last night feed, miss my bonding time with her. Just feeling sentimental trying to come to terms with my decision and dealing with the guilt. Sigh. :P

On a happier note, RaeAnne was finally selected to be featured in a magazine (albeit an online mag). Motherhood Monthly was supposed to be published in Jan 09 but got pushed back to Feb 09, if not, it would have made a beautiful Birthday present for her. See her photo at

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