The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weaning part 3 and other updates

Today, took med given by dr, whole day never pump. Engorged and painful. But relented just now. She already took 150ml of formula milk before bedtime, 90ml fed by hubby earlier and last 60ml by me but cos she has some hives like red bumps on her thigh, she keeps scratching, crying and can't sleep. We already applied medicine and let her wear long pants but she keeps trying to pull up the pants to scratch. In the end, I latched her to let her sleep and stop her scratching.

Think as long as I'm slowly weaning off, my menses will sure to return. Trying to drop 4 pumps & 2 latches (my usual for weekdays) is too ambitious and tough for both RaeAnne and me. Anyway, experts say the last latch before bedtime and the first one in the morning is usually the last one to go because that's the ones babies are most attached to. :P

Whenever RaeAnne sees a piece of cloth, RaeAnne will start wiping the floor or her toys. She observed this from ILs and started to copy the behaviour since about 1 month ago. Today, I found her wiping her mouth, then hands and the toy she was holding when she noticed a piece of cloth on the Arms reach cosleeper which we had not dismantled. So cute and so domesticated. :) Got a bad side to her being so observant too, MIL brought her to the park for a stroll in the stroller and she noticed a dog walking everywhere and marking its territory by peeing. And she started to do the same on her own. We were both amused and horrified. Making a conscious effort to avoid letting her see dogs pee from now on. ;)

Yesterday, we brought her to Kiddy Palace to buy a pair of shoes. Finally, RaeAnne has a pair of squeaky sandals and she's starting to be able to take a few steps each time quite steadily liao. :)

Oh ya, almost forgot. Cooked ABC pasta for RaeAnne today, a recipe from Annabel Karmel shared by a Jan MTB. That was hubby and my lunch too but hubby said tomatoes taste not obvious enough. Next time must add more. RaeAnne only tried a bit as she was eating her porridge but she seems to like the ABC pasta without sauce. Forgot to take a photo.

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