The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RaeAnne feeding people now

Today, I no longer feel engorged, think the medicine is finally working. Called KK to check about BF while on medication but they said there's not enough info but if I BF within 2 hours after taking the medicine, the amount in blood should not be a lot. Phew!

Being SAHM, my problem is meals cos I got no time to cook and eat cos me alone at home. So end up always got to pack RaeAnne off to Ils place so that I can get my lunch. If not, got to keep eating instant noodles or order fast food.

Today, RaeAnne took FM in bottle by me for the first time. Yeah, but still feel a bit emotional lar, like i short change her and force her to drink FM like that.

This morning, I gave her some bread and she tried to feed me cos she'll push my hand with food towards my mouth and smile when I eat, I 'gan dong' until want to cry lor. Haha. But I was not amused when she tried to mop the floor with the bread. :P

But end up she don't want to eat porridge cos she drank too much FM in order to sleep at 11+am. Tried feeding at 12:30pm, no luck. So I cook spagetti for myself with some pasta sauce and eat my lunch. Gave her a few strands of spagettie and let her have a few bites of my carrot slices which I mix into the sauce. Tried feeding her porridge again at 1:30pm still no luck. So, end up I brought her to ILs place cos her next nap will be 3+pm. Then came back to clean the floor and mop again, wash her poo stained pants then showered.

Actually I think working part time will be ideal so yesterday I went to the nearby primary school to register for relief teaching positions but the clerk very bo chap. Probably got a lot of applicants, probably no hope liao. But I don't mind, if don't have, then I'll continue to work towards being a full time SAHM lor. Hee. ;)

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