The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

RaeAnne's 13 months old

RaeAnne is 13 months old today. She is 8.9kg when Mummy weighed her at home. We spent the morning at JWT Gym at UE Square, a Feb08Mummies party. It was a mad rush to get there as the party starts at 10am and we need to wait for RaeAnne to wake up, defrost the meat, fish, while Mummy cook porridge, Daddy fed her cereals, bathed and changed her. Then it was Mummy and Daddy's turn to wash up and we left the house close to 9.5dam with no time for breakfast. Daddy took the wrong exit out of CTE and we had to backtrack from Outram making a few wrong turns along the way, Mummy chose the wrong lift (meant for serviced apartments only) instead of to UE shopping mall.

Finally, reached JWT at 10.30am and the party was already underway. The instructor were teaching us how to hold the baby upside down, help them to somersault etc. RaeAnne did not enjoy the parachute game, she and another little boy were the only ones who cried. But maybe it was because she didn't get a chance to warm up. She did enjoy the swing set up by the instructor though, to our surprise, Daddy thought she will definitely cry. But as you can see from the video, she didn't, Atta Girl! :)

Mummy and Daddy had to grab breakfast/lunch there while trying to feed RaeAnne her porridge. We did not have time to eat the cake as they were already clearing up for the next party. Mummy forgot to bring hot water and had to 'borrow' from 2 mummies because the porridge is too thick and sticky after sitting in the Thermos pot for 2 hours. Next time, must remember. :P

Overall, it was fun for RaeAnne to get a chance to try out the different gym equipment and expose to such trials. Mummy feels that we have not been doing much to stimulate RaeAnne's physical/social/mental development besides bringing her to park, watching tv, and reading books. Took many photos at JWT but only a few photos were sharp, the rest were all blur. Mummy's tempted to get a second hand DSLR because the photos taken are really superior but really need to practise and get the most out of it. Must thank Apple, one of the Feb mummies helped us to take this family photo. :)

RaeAnne was very grouchy in the car on our way back when I strapped her into the car seat. Maybe it's because it's her nap time, she cried all the way and Mummy was very short tempered when Daddy didn't know the way back. He started down River Valley road, then made a U turn and ended up passing by Bugis to take ECP, KPE then PIE back to Tampines though we went to UE Square using PIE, CTE. I think Daddy's stand is that we'll find a way home, it's just a matter of figuring out and taking a few more turns or U turns. But Mummy hates to be lost and waste time on the road. Previously, Mummy will be the vehicle commander and help 'topo' with the help of a street directory but after RaeAnne is born, Mummy has been sitting at the back entertaining her. Plus with a baby who does not enjoy car rides, Mummy feels that we should always plot the shortest and fastest route home. Do thorough research beforehand using which gives a step by step route or ask someone if not sure. I guess that's the difference between men and women. :P Told Daddy next time, let's just take a cab. Definitely, to and fro taxi fare will cost more than petrol but it will make Mummy happy because taxi drivers always know the way and Daddy will not need to put up with Mummy's grumpiness and RaeAnne's cries and screams.

Next week, I will be bringing RaeAnne to mygym open house, it's at Marine Parade but Daddy is not keen to join as he probably has tuition. Well, maybe it's better for all of us this way. No doubt it won't be family time anymore but at least Marine Parade is near, at least the cab fare won't cost so much. :P

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