The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

RaeAnne's infected mosquito bite.... :(

Was surprised when raeanne fell asleep on her own this afternoon at 2pm. Something is fishy cos she is usually so hard to put to sleep. When I hugged her and kissed her good night, she felt a bit hot, not just the arm that had an infected mosquito bite but even her neck. Decided to use the infrared thermoter on her forehead. And it was 38.7 deg, Mei Mei who was the control was only 36.7 so the thermometer is working fine.

Yesterday afternoon, noticed that she had a swelling on the underside of her right forearm. I only noticed it yesterday but the mosquito bite mark has been a few days according to hubby n maid. Ya, Think it started from a mosquito bite but somehow got infected n inflamed slowly. She didn't complain of pain n no sudden onset of fever, that's why we were not vigilant. :p Told hubby there is pus inside, that's why it is hot and red. Maid said she applied Desowen but it was no use. Asked hubby to apply 'qing cao you' when she sleeps cos she refuse to let us apply anything on her nowadays.

Today, her swelling is one dollar coin size, red n hard with a yellowish 'head'. Got pus inside Liao, I think the fever should be due to that cos she has no other symptoms. Brought RaeAnne to GP after she woke up twice from her nap. Gave her panadol syrup before we left, ear temperature was 39.5 when taken by GP. Asked MIL to accompany us cos it was enroute to GP. Good decision cos end up I had to prick the head with a sterile needle given by GP while MIL helped to press out the pus. The blood was blackish in colour. Still got some pus left but she is complaining about the pain. So we left it. Anyway, GP gave antibiotics plus cream so that should do the job to clear the remaining pus. :P Squeezed out at least 1 teaspoon of pus. Yucks! Should have asked GP to do it when we were in the clinic. FIL hid in the room, don't dare to watch.

The swelling is still quite hard. In hindsight, maybe should have squeezed out all the pus. Cos I can't possible prick her again to squeeze cos a scab has already formed over the 'head' :P Fever is almost down but hubby is worried so feed one more time panadol before she sleeps. She is super 'manja' tonight, keep saying 'pain pain. Mummy sayang'. Want me to hug her to sleep too. I tried to sleep with her and she fell asleep. I felt guilty that all of us missed out on her sore mosquito until it got so big and swollen. Poor gal. :(

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