The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fever started again

Got a call from Raeanne's teacher this morning and she said RaeAnne got fever of 37.7. Thought it was strange but asked maid to bring her back. Checked our own thermometer and it was 37.2. My own temperature is 36.8 so she is just a bit warm. Maybe cos we tried to prick and squeeze out the remaining pus yesterday but failed cos inside harden already. :P Anyway, MIL was supposed to bring her home after school cos I'm going to Natas. So, I personally deposited her after feeding fever med and antibiotics. ;P

Went to natas fair, booked F&E package to Taiwan, had quick lunch at new Texas chicken. Came home, put down things, try to BF Mei Mei but she is not interested. So, I went to visit RaeAnne and bring the cream and thermometer cos I forgot to bring there this morning. Luckily I went cos her fever spiked up to 38.7, helped to feed med cos FIL couldn't seem to be able to do it.

Rushed back to feed Raelynn milk. Sigh, there goes my hopes of a relaxing Friday night. Was hoping to catch Inception with hubby before they take it down. :P Of course, we couldn't do that now cos we have to bring RaeAnne back. Hubby had 7 missed calls from FIL when we were having dinner. He rushed back to feed fever med while I finished my pre booked massage. Raeanne slept close to 11pm after hubby fed ibufen at 8+pm.

Mei Mei was wide awake after I fed her milk at 1130pm. But I still needed to pump milk. Hubby couldn't keep his eyes open so he was not in the mood to watch over her when she was exploring our bed. The maid had already gone to sleep when I was BF Mei Mei. But at 1am, I also 'buay tahan' and passed her back to the maid cos she refused to nurse nor to sleep in my room. :P

Finally had some time to check in on my FB games and to post. :P

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