The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

RaeAnne's new home

RaeAnne has been making MIL's house her home. Since early last week, she started telling us that she wants to go Nai Nai house. At night, it will be "I don't want to sleep, I want to go Nai Nai House." We obliged her in the beginning since MIL was willing to have her. But just now, sensed that MIL must be tired after looking after her for 2 days in a row, from Wed morning 11am to last night 9pm and from this morning 11am to 9pm again. Also hubby and I are busy on Sat & Sun and need her to babysit as well. Tried to persuade RaeAnne to drink milk and sleep from 930pm to 11pm, even used emotional blackmail. Told her if she keeps wanting to go to Nai Nai house and make noise when she is at home then she don't need to come back here anymore. But that only ended up in tears and 'I don't want to sleep. I don't want to go Nai Nai house. I don't want the fan. I don't want the curtain closed.' Really don't know what she wants nowadays.

All I know is that if she keeps on insisting not to sleep then I rather she goes MIL house cos fighting with her until 12 midnight everyday and have her waking up 1-2 times after that for pee or bad dream and coming into our room is too draining for me and hubby. At least if she goes to MIL's place, everyone gets some sleep. MIL and FIL cosleep with her on their big bed so falling asleep there is not a problem for her though she usually sleeps quite late around 11pm.

Update from hubby who brought her back to Nai Nai's house. She immediately went to lie on the big bed. His conclusion is that because we broke the cycle at Genting by sleeping with her (saving on an extra bed), she now wants people to sleep with her. But I think her troubles started even earlier because we have been allowing her to go to Nai Nai house to play plus sleep over so she is getting more and more used to sleeping with someone on the big bed. Therefore she rejects sleeping alone on her small bed.

Oh well, I've got so many posts on her sleeping problem and I thought I've finally trained her to sleep on her own 2 months back. It's difficult for me to accept taking another 2 steps back and letting her cosleep with us. Hiaz...

P.S. I skipped the morning pump this morning, too sleepy after fighting with RaeAnne to make her sleep last night. The sad thing is my boobs don't even feel full. Just pumped just now, and only got 150ml. Duh... SS definitely dipping. :P

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