The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Genting trip

Reporting live from genting, surprisingly there is Internet access near the casino though my room at first world hotel does not. The bus ride was ok, raelynn knocked out close to midnight after i bf her while raeanne ko from 1230am to 545am. She insisted for me to sit with her on her seat, so cramped. Luckily I sneaked off after she fell asleep. I only slept for 1 hr plus though cos can't find comfortable position and forgot to bring my neck pillow. She peed when we were at Singapore customs n stayed dry until we reached the hotel. Good girl!

It was my birthday and the customs officer at Malaysia wished me happy birthday when he heard my cousin wishing happy birthday. Hubby gave me a specially drawn birthday card on the coach bus. :) We had to wait till 3pm before we can check into our room. So tiring, luckily my aunt had a free room until 12 noon. So mei mei could nap after bf. My hopes for a quiet cosy dinner with hubby was dashed though cos mil n maid were both too tired n they dun want to look after raeanne. We had dinner at ah yat abalone, generous treat from my aunty while my cousin bought a cake. I was most happy when raeanne finally sang me a birthday song when she saw the cake. Ask her to sing the song the whole day but she refused. Maybe she thought I was just joking. ;)

Went to outdoor theme park, only paid rm40 for hubby cos free for me as it was my bd n raeanne was below 90cm. But we only took 3 rides, flying dumbo, carousel n monorail cos raeanne was sleepy n grouchy. The monorail broke down halfway n the doors could not open. So drama, luckily it only lasted for 10mins. Raeanne slept close to midnight though we went back to our room early at 9+pm to let her sleep. Did not get to go to the casino to try out my birthday luck cos it was too late n hubby is also tired. So sian to get the cigarette smell on me since I already showered.

I woke up at 730am n realized filamie never bring Mei Mei to me to bf. Turns out Mei Mei slept till 745am while raeanne woke up at 8am. But she peed on the bed but the oanties n pants had dried by the morning so we didn't realise. Again raeanne did not want to drink milk nor nap so we will have early dinner n hope she will sleep early tonight.

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