The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The spread of the fever 'bug'?

Mei Mei also developed a fever this afternoon. She has been napping a lot today and after her nap, her temperature was 37.8 so we had to give panadol to her too. Poor Mei Mei, hope she gets well soon. Sigh...

On Fri, I called TMC LC cos Raelynn has not been very interested whenever I tried to BF her. Spoke to Liqin, the LC whom I liked. She said that since Raelynn is already 9 months old, I only need to BF her 2-3 times a day instead of BFing her every 3-4 hours.

My usual schedule for Raelynn is:
6am - Milk
830-9am - Milk
930am - Cereal
12-1pm - Milk
2pm - Cereal
5-6pm - Milk
730pm - Porridge
930-10pm- Milk

That's a total of 5 milk feeds, no wonder she is not interested. The LC suggests that I only feed morning, afternoon and night. Told her that after I try to BF her and unsuccessful, she will take 8 scoops of cereals (before cooking). Liqin said this means that the baby is more interested in solids than milk. She asked me to try and express and put the milk in bottle and see if she is more keen. If not, then put the EBM into the cereal which I have been doing.

So I think I will try to revise my schedule to:
630-7am - Milk
930am - Cereal
10am - Shower
Morning nap (1 hr)
1230-1pm - Cereal/fruit or porridge
Afternoon nap (2 hrs)
5pm - Shower
5-530pm - Milk
730pm - Porridge
930-10pm - Milk


Anonymous said...

i also breastfeed my 9mth old boy 5 times. the problem is he seemed to only want pumpkin porridge and nothing else!!! no cereal, no sweet potato (which he used to love).. i have to forcefeed him sometimes.

Piggy Family said...

Mine is ok to try most foods thankfully. But she is more fussy when teething. Only wants to chew and suck her gums... :P