The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stocking up on diapers

Went to Giant Tampines to check out Mamy poko diapers today. MP NB 28 + 2 pcs for $10.65. BP price $15.50 for 1 jumbo MP NB pack (52 pcs), NTUC selling at $17.80. Bad thing about ordering from BP is that to qualify for free delivery, need to order 10 packs.

Good thing is that this BP organiser is also selling Huggies Pull up pants and quite cheap ($14 instead of $15.95 which is already NTUC's offer price). MIL reminded me at Giant today that RaeAnne's pull up pants are running out, so decided to consolidate and order the diapers at one shot. And asked the organiser to expedite on delivery.
For Raelynn
2 packs of MP NB (52 pcs) - $15.50 each
3 packs of MP S (72 pcs) - $21 each
For RaeAnne
2 packs of MP L (56 pcs) - $21 each
3 packs of Huggies Pull up pants (36 pcs) - $14 each
Total damage: $178

Keen to try Fitti premium (recommended by some Jan10 MTB) cos prices are cheap. Only $10 for NB, S & M and $11 for L, XL. Need to order 6 packs for free delivery. Promotion extended till end Dec 09. Don't dare to buy 6 packs at one go cos never tried Fitti before, don't know if the cutting will fit Raelynn. So will kiv and reevaluate in Dec whether to order and try. So far, Raelynn already has
1 pack of Huggies NB
2 packs of MP NB
1 pack of Huggie S
3 packs of MP S

Next question: Where to store the 10 packs of diapers when they arrive? RaeAnne's room is becoming a storeroom. Faint! Think may have to bring some diapers to MIL's side and put in hubby's old bedroom. :P

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