The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Raelynn's Chinese Name

Hubby and I have been cracking our heads for Raelynn's chinese name recently. According to a shifu we consulted, the ideal no. of strokes to go with hubby's surname is 11, 14, 10 (kang xi dictionary). RaeAnne's new Chinese name is 张旗芮。So, we are thinking of 张旗恩 or 张旗芯 for Mei Mei. Of course, we'll double confirm her bazi after she's born just to see if there are any missing elements that we need to supplement. May or may not want to go back to the shifu to confirm the name cos need to pay another $168. :P

Think 旗恩 sounds better in terms of dialect name but my cousin's 2 kids already has 恩 and we are not Christians so not sure if it's a good idea. 旗芯 seems to complement Cheh cheh's chinese name 旗芮 since both got 草字头 and related to plants. But hubby thinks Kay Xin sounds like Chye Sim. :P

Anyway, I did a poll with the Jan08 and Feb08 mummies for Raelynn's name. So far, Kay En 旗恩 is leading by 5 votes.
1)Teo Kay En 张旗恩 - Jan 08 mummies (Kam, luca, Aqua, superbee), Feb08 mummies (tongtong, genice, lezy, Apple79, blueginger, Diana, Esty, qingling, Stephie) - 13 votes
2) Teo Kay Xin 张旗芯 - Jan08 mummies (Krystle, Jess, pixie, steph, Icy), Feb08 mummies (XY, clover, happymum2b) - 8 votes
Those who voted for 旗恩 said it's more meaningful (gratitude which also applies to buddhism, not just for Christians), popular cos a lot of their kids also have 恩 and that Kay En is easier to pronounce.
Those who voted for 旗芯 said it's because it has heart (心), sounds like kai xin 开心, and complements RaeAnne's name.

A feb mummy said 旗芯 sounds like qi4xin3 which means crazy in cantonese. Duh... blueginger, another Feb mummy, highlighted that names with 草字头 is supposed to be good for babies born in the year of the Ox. Surfed online and it's true. In fact, there are even some 部首 to avoid too like 心 and 王.

Hmm... even more confusing now cos 芯 has both 草字头 and 心. Whereas 恩 does not have 草字头 but is a popular choice among the mummies. May have to go back to the drawing board if both names are really not ideal. Arghh! Will let Daddy decide bah. :P

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