The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sitex and gynae visit

Went for gynae check just now. At 38w2d, RaeAnne is between 3.1 to 3.2 kg. Head circumference is around 32cm and I'm 1cm dilated. My water retention is getting bad, at first just can't see the veins on my feet but now they are practically like pigs trotters. :P Dr Wong is also surprised I'll drag for so long. Thought I would have popped by now. :P She said maybe I'm the sort who will slowly dilate then once reach 2-3cm then water bag burst. Anyway, next appt is 5 Dec and if I don't pop by then. She'll talk to me about inducing on the 8 Dec or a few days after that. Induce sure to be more painful, will have to go for epi and may have risk for c section. Sian. :P

Went to Sitex today, mainly to get a GPS device for hubby as Xmas and anniversary present cos I'll still in be confinement. :P We spent more than 1 hour at the Eastgear booth before deciding on the Garmin 255w at $299. My friend Bobby actually recommended Holux and the Holux 62E is $259 and the software is more user friendly but the volume is too soft. Can't even hear it at Hall 6. Definitely can't hear it in the car if we are playing children songs for RaeAnne or the radio. :P

Tried out the Garmin GPS just now. Not bad, it gave us a shorter route for us from TMC back home. Hope with the GPS, we will have fuss free travelling to new destinations and hopefully we can start going to some new food places that I've always wanted to go eg. Bollywood veggies, Dempsey, Punggol marina, Jalan Kayu roti prata, The French stall at Serangoon road etc. Hee.

Last night, RaeAnne got blocked nose so can't sleep well. I slept on her cot bed with her from 230 - 530am. My back was so stiff cos I can't turn and there's not enough space for me to leverage and move with my super big tummy (43 inches!?!). At 610am, she cried and hubby carried her in upright position so that she can sleep until 8am. :P

Just now, we used the nasal spray to clear her mucus cos she tends to breathe in the mucus again instead of blowing her nose (she learnt to do that this morning but refused to blow her nose tonight). She hates it and struggled very hard. PD said review this Sunday but hubby is keen to try TCM liao. Sigh, whatever he decides, better go before I pop. :P

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