The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Poor RaeAnne is Sick

It's been almost 4 months since RaeAnne started attending playgroup but she's finally fallen sick. She started with a bit of cough since last Thurs/Fri. Not sure if I spread to her. :P

Then she started phelgmy cough yesterday. Last night, keep waking up every 2 hrs. Poor hubby had to keep carrying her. I didn't want to leave her to cry for fear that it will aggravate her cough. By 4+am, i gave up n ask hubby to bring her to our room to sleep.

Luckily, hubby clearing childcare leave today so he brought us to the clinic this morning. Hubby wanted to bring her to the TCM clinic but we lost the namecard and couldn't remember which block it was at. PD said she has a throat infection and a phelgmy cough. She is 10.7kg and 84cm tall when they measured her at the clinic. She was very guai for the visit. Didn't cry at all even when she had to lie down for the PD and PD used the cold stethoscope to listen to her lungs. So different from her previous PD visits. Shows that she has really grown up. :)

PD consultation, med and 2 creams (eczema lotion and cream which we requested) came up to $60+. Hubby said next time we should bring her to GP not PD to save costs. Told him we start doing that after 2 years old bah and after she finished all her jabs bah. Below 2 years, I'm still a bit kiasi, prefer to bring her to see specialist. :P

She didn't go to school today but we still brought her to mil house after pd visit. Since it was too late to tell ILs not to cook for her and there's hardly any food in the fridge to cook for her.

After that, went to watch 2012 with hubby n had a late lunch at seoul garden. Most likely the last movie i'll get to watch for a long long time cos of the 3 hr BF schedule. :P

One of the Dec09 mummy popped on Sun morning even before she got to watch the movie. Last night, had a lot of Brackton hicks contractions and baby Raelynn was moving a lot so told hubby I think it may be within this week. Let's see if I'm right. ;P

Just now while at ILs house, she felt a bit warm and she was still active and playing. Came home and hubby took her temperature, it was 38.6 (using ear thermometer). PD already warned that she may develop fever so we gave her paracetemol and the cold med as well before she slept. She just slept at 1025pm. Hope she will sleep well tonight. Don't know whether to let her go to PG tomorrow. :P

P.S. Over the weekend, all of us LOL when we realised that she asked the maid to 'put it here' when the maid was helping her to take the dollhouse. She's really parroting our language. :)

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