The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mummy sick...

Have not posted yesterday though BB Raelynn is 35 weeks cos I'm down with cold then flu. Slept the whole afternoon and self medicated but body aches were so bad that I didn't want to get out of bed or walk. Finally went to see GP last night, at least better now. Though throat still no good. :/ Good thing is Raelynn is getting big so her shadow kicks near my ribs are really painful.

Today, RaeAnne wet her shorts and teacher got to change into her spare pants. Apparently her diaper was too heavy and drooped down so when she peed, she wet her pants. Teacher Suriya said RaeAnne pushed 'Hao En' (one of her classmates) these few days. It started when Hao En nudged her a few days ago when trying to get close to the teacher's table. Hmm... my gal is no pushover man. But still told her tonight before she slept that cannot push anyone. If anyone pushes her, just tell teacher. ;P

We started sleep training RaeAnne (inspired by teacher Chris who told us to ignore her cries at night, she'll stop after a while like the way she adjusted to PG). Got perfect excuse cos I'm sick. So keep telling her Mummy's sick, Mummy take medicine and sleep, cannot carry RaeAnne. RaeAnne must sleep on your own. If really wake up, then look for Aunty. She's so sweet, tried to give me 'imaginary' medicine to swallow, asked me to eat the medicine in her hand. :)

First night, she cried for 1 hour plus from almost 4am to 5am before knocking out on Filamie's arms. Filamie could only put her back to her bed at 530am. Filamie also did the wrong thing by knocking on our door and letting her in even though we already told her that we are starting the sleep training. Second night was better, she cried at 11+pm but was pacified faster by Filamie, again at 1+am and one more time at 4am but she quietened faster each time and went back to sleep. Gave Filamie some time to rest in the afternoon to catch up on sleep.

Oh ya, keep forgeting to blog this. RaeAnne can say Minnie and she'll say that everytime I ask her to pick out the shoes she wants to wear. She has 2 pairs of Minnie shoes, 1 Crocs and I coletee leather shoes. :)

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