The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Raelynn is 3kg! :)

Went for gynae check up just now. Baby Raelynn is already 3kg so even if pop this weekend, she's of good weight. I'm 57.8kg today, looks like won't cross 60kg, phew! I'm only 0.5cm dilated but gynae said her head is engaged and quite low. But if she drags to next week, she'll be 3.1 or 3.2kg like RaeAnne. Forgot to ask Dr Wong to check Raelynn's head circumference. :P

Anyway, I don't ask for too much. As long as she tahan and let Cheh cheh recover first before arriving then I'm happy. Will go cut hair tomorrow, shorter but still can tie the hair at the back but will chop off the fringe since not long enough to tie up anyway.

RaeAnne's diarrhoea is caused by augmentin cos I have the same reaction. Called the pd this morning, she said can cut dosage by half but best to continue until sat cos antibiotics should take for at least 5 days. RaeAnne vomitted her milk again after we gave her the night feed and she coughed. Hubby said we got to change our usual practice of last milk feed before she sleeps cos she's prone to puke it out when she coughs.

Her diaper rash is still bad. Today still keep pooing a bit of loose stools. Kept crying when we try to change her diaper, wash her butt, and apply steroid cream. Heart pain, decided to skip the antibiotics for tonight since her loose stools didn't get better even with 2.5ml dosage. :P Probably not a rational decision but I really can't bear to see her suffer even more. Cough with phelgm and cannot spit out already kelian enough, really don't need diaper rash to add onto her problems.

Actually met a mummy, Celia at ACJ clinic who has read my blog. She said she's Diana's friend and she read my blog because it was linked to Diana's blog. I thnk we have 3 Diana among the Feb mummies? I remember one is Artemis, one is Diana(spoiltbratz), and the other one not very sure. :P Anyway, Celia's a Feb mummy too but seldom post. Her 20 month old gal, Cadence (hope I spelt her name correctly) is so chatty and talks so well using short sentences. Wonder why RaeAnne who is 1 month older, can't talk as well. Okie, okie, must remind myself: Don't compare, don't compare. ;P

Managed to eat at tian tian huo guo today, it was the most obvious restaurant from where we parked. My ILs called hubby at 730pm cos my gal was fussing so we only had 1round of food. :P But very happy that I got to satisfy my craving before popping. Can't imagine going to eat steamboat with a toddler and baby in tow. :P And I'm sure it'll be even tougher for me and hubby to have er ren shi jie after no. 2 is born cos ILs will find it a strain to help us look after 2 gals even with the maid. :P

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