The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad experience at Pastamania Tampines Mall

Was asking Feb mummies for baked pasta recipe to prepare for RaeAnne made me have craving for it. Thought if I ordered it, can study the dish and see what ingredients they added. Had to go to TM to exchange the Woods cough syrup from NTUC for hubby anyway cos the bottle I bought yesterday leaked but I didn't open up the box to check. So, I ordered the chicken ham and chicken baked pasta from Pastamania.

BUT they served me spoilt baked pasta. It was when I ate towards the middle when I realised the pasta tasted sour and the cream sauce also tasted sour. Took at least 4-5 pieces of sour fusili to confirm that it's really spoilt, that sour taste didn't come from lemon or vinegar. So, I complained to the waiter and they prepared a fresh portion, had to wait for it. The manager came to apologize to me and told me it's because the sauce has gone bad. Was quite upset, told him this is a restaurant, how can you not check that your ingredients are fresh!?!

After the Indian rojak incident, a lot of people paranoid especially me cos I'm expecting mah. So I took down the manager's name (Hong Yi) and contact and told him I'm expecting if anything happens to me (food poisoning or worse, touch wood!), I'll definitely pursue the matter.

That spoilt my mood entirely so I quickly went to NTUC to change hubby's cough syrup and headed home. First thing I did was to call Dr Joycelyn Wong's clinic to check if there is anything I should watch out for. Dr Wong was busy and the clinic assistant answered the phone. She sounded a bit nonchalant when I explained myself until I threw the terms salmonella, listeria, risk of virus crossing placenta at her. Then she realised she can't answer my questions and promised to check with Dr Wong later and call me back.

Luckily, Dr Wong said if no diarrhoea, should be fine, if got diarrhoea then update her again. Keeping fingers crossed, that I stopped eating fast enough to prevent food poisoning and any harm to me or baby.

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