The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Saw baby move! :)

Went for my gynae visit in the afternoon at TMC. Appt was 445pm but had to wait till 545pm to see Dr Joycelyn Wong. Baby is now 3.57cm long. He or she was sleeping when the gynae started scanning but when i commented to gynae 'eh, baby sleeping ah?' then bb woke up n started waving hands n legs. So cute. Gynae commented that my water bag got a lot of space for bb to move. She tried to put the doppler for me but can't hear the heartbeat yet. She said maybe 16 weeks can hear better. Felt quite guilty that not as excited as the first time i saw my no. 1 moving though. Hubby also admitted that he felt the same. :P

I'm sure we will love no. 2 as much as RaeAnne once he or she is born. It's just that second time is always not as exciting as the first time in general, be it first date, first roller coaster ride, first airplane ride, first job interview and first pregnancy? Hee.

Wanted to register for the TMC tour for tomorrow (Sat) but the reception gal insisted that it's first come first serve and they can't prebook. Sian. 'Complained' to Dr Wong about it and she was very nice, she tried to describe the delivery suites to me, told me there are 10 rooms, and show me photos. She also assured me that the wards are all renovated and has LCD tv so all very nice. Labour suite not renovated yet so not as nice/new.

She assured me that I don't have to take up package yet if I'm not ready but I think I've been sitting on the fence long enough. I'm very comfortable with KK but If I don't take the plunge then I'll always wonder what it'll be like to have my baby at private (TMC). And I don't want to have any regrets. So, the next time I'll sign up for SBI before going for my OSCAR detailed scan so that can enjoy the discount. Bad thing is, hubby can only make it on Sat if it's Morning so I won't get to know the results of the OSCAR until the Monday after. :P

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