The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, May 1, 2009

New EDD date and swine flu

Decided to upate my lilypie pregnancy ticker to the new EDD date, 8 Dec 09 so that the count down will be more accurate. Met my ex colleagues for a BBQ gathering today. Don't know how many of them noticed but my tummy is definitely bulging out liao. For no. 1, I was about 4 months before it was really obvious but for this one, I think it'll only take 2.5 months before people will start guessing. Hee. ;)

Swine flu is the talk of town and more countries are having confirmed cases besides Mexico and USA, now Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. A lot of my ex colleagues working in the office got to wear N95 masks and even full PPE when they are on temperature monitoring duty, they also have extra duties and even full day Sat/Sunday duties. All the things that I've been through during SARS days. Glad I'm not working in hospital anymore cos swine flue is contagious EVEN BEFORE the person has any symptoms. How to know if the person appears healthy, got to treat everyone as guilty until proven innocent after 7 days?

Now, I understood why an ex colleague in IT quit her job during SARS days when she found out she was pregnant. That time, I thought she was being extreme, after all, we work in the office, no direct contact with patients mah. Why so scared? But after being a mummy, I realised every mum will want to protect their kid or unborn baby.

Who will want to risk taking chances and continue to work in high risk areas when they could end up endangering their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. That's why doctors and nurses deserve our respect, because they are there to treat the sick no matter how infectious the disease may be. How many of our laypeople can make that kind of sacrifice? A lot of memories come flooding back from SARS days, can't imagine, it's only been 6 years and another form of SARS is back. Life is really unpredictable. :P

Oh ya, RaeAnne has finished her 2 bottles of 'pi pa gao' cough syrup from TCM today. Her cough seems to be better but still got one or two coughs. Feel like stopping all her medicine and just monitor. Today is 1 May and she has already been on medication (first western then TCM) for 1 WHOLE MONTH. Not good to be taking medicines long term like this also.... :P

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