The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend here and gone

Another weekend came and gone. As usual, we didn't do much. Sat morning, RaeAnne woke up early at 8am, fed her milk but she didn't want to go back to sleep but I was too tired to really wake up. Slept in a bit more till 9+am while Daddy looked after her in the living room but she came into the room to 'disturb' me 3 times until I gave up sleeping. Started to prepare her porridge ingredients, by the time, I dumped everything into the slow cooker and ready to leave the house with Daddy and RaeAnne, it was already 10+am. Had to drop the idea of Macdonalds breakfast cos it'll be too close to her morning porridge feed at 11+am so we headed for a nearby coffee shop instead.

Gave RaeAnne a bit of the century egg, pigs liver porridge I was having (the plain porridge part before mixing the porridge) but she ended up pooing 3 times for the day and kept farting waking up a few times in the night. Not sure if it's because the porridge had liver that was not fully cooked in the beginning. Next time, better play safe and order plain porridge if I want to feed her.

This morning, she woke up at 8am again, after yesterday's lesson, I told hubby that I will only cook porridge when we are back using the normal pot. But I soaked the rice before leaving the house so that the porridge will cook faster when we are back. Went to TM again, RaeAnne seemed to be a bit 'sian' of her hot cakes cos she didn't eat much. She still likes the scrambled egg on my big breakfast though. Unfortunately, they didn't give out free balloons today. Poor RaeAnne was disappointed. While I was finishing up my muffin and taking a few more sips of my coffee (threw away more than 3 quarters of it, just drink for fun) Hubby said there was a stall giving away free balloon sculpture and RaeAnne was very interested but the queue was too long so he didn't get it for her. I would have queued and got it for her, I 'buay paiseh' one. But in hindsight, maybe it was a good thing that hubby didn't queue. Because we were very late in getting home. We spent some time at the kiddy rides, and at toy r us (bought her a foam water gun, a small basketball, and an air pump to inflate the swimming float we bought for her).

Today is also RaeAnne's first time at the arcade centre (she was very fascinated with all the machines), we let her play at the mini hammer machine but there was no hammer so she only got to see Daddy bash up the crocodiles/animals with his bare fist. Then, hubby had 2 rounds at the basketball loop game. She was quite excited to see so many balls, not afraid of the noise at all even though quite a few people were playing that. Then, we went to NTUC to buy bread and some cheap wet wipes (to clean up bb chairs and tables when we dine out). Too wasted to use the good Pigeon wet wipes for such stuff. :P

Ok, in the end, we left TM at 1145am and RaeAnne was so exhausted that she knocked out in the car. Told hubby to carry her carefully and let her have a nap since I need some time to cook her porridge anyway. We put her on the bumper mat where it's cooler and she slept until 1pm when my PT cleaner rang the doorbell and woke her up. Poor gal! After coaxing her to take her porridge, we bathed her and hubby brought her to ILs place so that she can continue to sleep. My PT cleaner will be vacuuming the floor and it'll be too noisy for her to sleep. Plus, she's so kaypoh, she'll follow and observe whatever the cleaner is doing if she hears any noise. ;P

Hubby only came back with her at 530pm after a few reminders. Turns out RaeAnne didn't sleep 1 wink there despite ye ye bringing her downstairs on the pram for very long. Instead, hubby fell asleep waiting for them to come up. :P

Went to my mum's and my bro and I brought her downstairs to the playground after hubby fed her dinner so that he has a chance to eat. She loves the place cos the rides are just the right size for her even the slides are the mini ones. :)

Came back at 9pm cos wanted to let her sleep earlier tonight and downstairs multipurpose hall had some concert going on. Kept hearing people sing Chinese oldie karaoke songs. Had to close all the windows in my MBR and service balcony (the toilet's window opens to the service balcony) to coax her to sleep. She slept at 945am but just woke up crying. Hubby carried her and she fell back to sleep. Hope she doesn't wake up anymore after this but I'm not really hopeful. :P

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