The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

First outing to the beach :)

Was busy chasing BOF (boys over flowers) Korean dramas for a few days. But today, I did break away from the laptop so that hubby and I could bring her to the Pasir Ris beach. The outing was cut short though cos she hates the sand. She didn't cry when we took out her sandals and set her on the sand. It was more like, the more she felt the grainy stuff between her toes, the more she don't like. The more she realised she can't get rid of them cos they are everywhere, she'll start whining and want us to carry liao. I let her step on my bare feet to walk to show her that sand is ok plus hubby making sand moulds for her but also no use. Look at her grouchy face at the beach and how she put her heel onto the ground so that her toes don't touch the sand. Haha.

Hubby said she's a city gal. Luckily, we were well prepared, brought talcum powder (actually prickly heat powder) to apply on her feet so that the sand can be easily dusted off. Had to carry her and dust off all the sand from her toes and let her sit on my lap before I could get this photo. Told hubby that's why important to expose her to more things when she is young because 'chu sheng zhi du bu pa hu' (ie. a new born calf does not fear the tiger cos it doesn't even know what is tiger. haha.) ;P

After the beach, we went to E hub, "New York" for dinner. Hubby had the bbq ribs while I had the brawurst wrapped in bacan and cheese. Food was ok, service was slow, got to keep repeating my requests to the waiter and waitresses. But the fun thing was that they had a cotton candy making machine so you can request for cotton candy for free. I let RaeAnne had a taste of it (let it touch her tongue and upper lip) and she wanted more. Of course no lar. Haha.

The funniest thing that happened while at the New E-Hub (at Downtown East) to have our dinner and feed RaeAnne's porridge. And an Indian Lady with her husband and 19 month old gal (Asha ree?) approached me and said. "Hi, I read your blog a few times. Your gal's name is RaeAnne right?" I was like dumbstruck. I told the lady yes but asked her how she found out about my blog. Turned out she was googling about bumbo seat and was directed to my site cos I had a photo of RaeAnne on her purple bumbo seat. Haha, told hubby I suddenly feel so famous, and honestly very flattered.

At night, when we were preparing RaeAnne for last milk feed and bed, when hubby mentioned 'sand', RaeAnne was so 'traumatised?' that she immediately started wriggling her toes as if trying to get rid of the sand between her toes. I had to remind her that she already bathed, no more sand. So cute. :P

P.S. To the Indian lady who stays at Tampines St 21 who read my blog, thanks for reading my blog and calling out to me. Sorry I didn't catch your name and the correct spelling for your gal's name. ;)

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