The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pagi Sore & playground playdate

Brought RaeAnne to TM for BK's breakfast, tired of Mac and wanted to try BK's bf. Compared to Mac, BK is cramped and not enough Bb chairs, Hubby had to ask from another family before RaeAnne got a seat. Dressed RaeAnne in her purple polo dress and this time, a little boy half a head taller than her beow her when we were walking to BK. Too bad I couldn't take any photos cos the camera was flat, forgot to recharge batteries after yesterday's outing to the beach. :P

Been wanting to go back to Pagi Sore for lunch or dinner for a long time. First ate there when I was working in a PR agency way back. The job sucks but I had fond memories of this restaurant. Now, they moved to bigger premises at Telok Ayer Street. Today the opportunity came up because after we came back from TM around 11+am, RaeAnne knocked out in the car. No amount of cajoling would make our gal wake up, she did open her eyes to peep at a dog when Daddy kept telling her got dog dog when we walked from the carpark back home. But she was just too tired cos she woke up early at 7am and after milk, refused to go back to sleep. :P So, we decided to change plans, take the porridge (already ready in the slow cooker by the time we came back) and bring her to ILs place so that she can continue her nap while hubby and I can go to China square central. Hubby can go 'beow' his toys while I can eat at Pagi Sore again. :)

We ordered the fish with otah sauce, tahu telur and the fried kangkong. It was too much for us esp the fried kangkong (which the waiter recommended that we take the medium cos small is too little for both of us). He must have thought we were gluttons. Anyway, the fish is a bit overdone but still goes well with the sauce, talu telur was big and the fried kangkong tasted very nice, nice smoky fragrance. Too stuffed so we could not order any dessert, their chendol and avocado dessert were supposed to be good. ;P

Today, RaeAnne got to play with Carrie Mei Mei (XY, Feb08 mummy's gal) at my mum's playground cos XY and my mum stays at the same block. So coincidental right? ;) Both gals were a bit shy but Carrie looks so girly with her big big eyes, wavy long hair while mine looked like a tomboy (I am not responsible for her dressing this time as she was at ILs place with minimalist Daddy). I went up to XY's place to collect something from her sister who organises BPs for kids stuff.

Even my bro agreed that the two gals look so different and mine looked like a tomboy when we were going back to my mum's unit. RaeAnne looked a bit downcast and sian when 'gu gu' said that. She must have detected the tone in voice. Quickly reassure her that Mummy and Gu Gu still love you lar. Hairstyle and clothes is not something that she can choose for herself at this age after all. And it is a very hot day and Daddy and Nai Nai doesn't know about this impromptu playdate so didn't bother to dress you up. ;)

Carrie Mei Mei :)

RaeAnne Cheh Cheh? :)

Love ya, you'll always be Mummy's darling princess! :)

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